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Who Wins?

Nigerian artistes with their crazy dance steps. .
Yet you see youths wallowing in their foolishness.

Lol. .confession Time

I'm feeling sorry for this kid sha. .lol
let's get him a lawyer and resolve this legally
this 'tolotolo fit do the undoable o. .e dey para gan

One word for this teacher...

makes me remember my math teacher,
he calls it 'GUN' not cane
teachers sha

99% Of The People Here Won't Be Able To Find The Horse In This Photo

Comment Below as soon as u find it
Or u can ask the genius ones how dey found it....

When you want to do this and she is doing that ....

Lmao.. Osas and Gbenro won't kill me! Lwkmd!

If they did wear....

Must Read: See How to Whiten Your Teeth In Just 3 Minutes

When it comes to whitening our teeth, we often believe we have to go to the store and purchase expensive, chemical laden teeth whitening strips and rinses.

Can You Eat This Snake Cake? – See Photo Here WARNING!!

Can You? Where are the Snake eaters…..

Hehehe!! What Would You Do If You Asked Your Babe To Boil Water And You Saw This? (Photo)

LOL…What will you do to your babe if
you walked into the kitchen and saw this
after asking for water to be boiled.

NCC at it again! Dial 622 to Report Mtn Airtel Glo or Etisalat!

Mhh, I'll leave the comments to you. Cos, am simply dumbfounded.
The NCC has launched a brand new call centre for reporting fraudulent activities by Our network providers.
this activities may include but not limited to; unexplained disappearance of airtime (the Anini version ) caller tunes auto subscription MTN
I tried out the call centre with a pre-existing complaint and I was connected to an agent in seconds
How to call NCC?
the call centre can be accessed by dialling 622
Try it now and see what's up.

Latest MTN browsing 0.00k previously done but back again and better!

Follow this carefully.
=> Download VPN over DSN HERE
=> Install it
=> Open the app
=> Skip the first and second box.
=> In the 3th box, choose any of the free server.
=> In the 4th box input this IP address
=> Use ur MTN default settings
.=> Connet and grant root permission.
.=> That's all.
=> Connection is preferable with 3g service.
=> It is tested and trusted.
Note that it takes some seconds before it finally connect

Inspirational: You Are Running Out Of Time.

Time is the currency spent in life. As a matter of fact, the maker of the world, made the world so technically that he timed everyone's stay on earth.
Imagine you go to the cafe to explore the internet, you will possibly have to buy time and you will be given a pin that will enable you to access the internet. When you insert the pin given to you correctly, it gives you access to browse. As you browse, every seconds spent either wisely or foolishly is automatically deducted from the time purchased . That is how your time on earth is.
You see, every time you have wasted is not a wasted time, why ?? someone somewhere somehow has used that time you wasted judiciously.
"I don't know how long I will stay on earth, but all I know is that I will make an impact" I made that confession some years ago and it has changed my thinking.
Making everyday count shows how efficient you are.
Every man who disregards time doesn't know the value of life.
How to allocate your time rig…

President Buhari to hold first media chat today

Tweets obtained from the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina's Twitter timeline, revealed that Buhari will discuss important national issues with a panel of journalists.
President Muhammadu Buhari will hold his first presidential media chat today Wednesday, December 30, 2015.
Tweets obtained from the President’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina's Twitter timeline, revealed that Buhari will discuss important national issues with a panel of journalists.
Adesina also said “The Presidential Media Chat will begin at 1900 hours. Other television and radio stations in the country may hook-up to NTA and FRCN to relay the programme to their viewers and listeners.”
Nigerians have constantly criticised the President of making important policy statements in the foreign media, whenever he is abroad.

Eating fish, meat before rice controls blood sugar

THIS information will interest people living with diabetes. The next time you are served a plate of rice, it is advisable to eat the fish or meat before the rice.

No Matter How Small, Just Start – This Photo Will Sure Motivate You All

Stumbled upon this Photo on Facebook.
The hustle is real, He started from Street Hawking of Polos in 2005, Graduated to running a Small local boutique in 2009 and a Large and Fully Loaded Boutique in 2015
Hustle grows! Don’t be in haste, I remember when I (Makinde Azeez) started Naijaloaded, Some of you will understand better. I never let the Challenges and troubles I encountered keep me down, It has grown to be one of the Biggest site in Nigeria today, Thanks to GOD and you Guys, We’re notable on the Chart now!!!
Keep your Dream alive and keep hustling. – 2016 is gonna be a Big hit for all of Us. AMEN!!!
#Beinspired! #StayMotivated

Check This Out!

Can Any Agric Student Here Identify This Fruit

Mtn Currently Dishing Out Free Credit To All Their Customers,,,,, Get Your here Now….

Mtn is currently dishing Out free Airtime Bonus to all dis Customers Dis Festive Period…..
Kindly Pickup Your Fone And Dial Dis Code On Your Mtn Sim….
U Can Use Dis Bonus To Call All Networks In 9ja…..
U might Be lucky…..

Hilarious Photo!

one word abeg.
After seeing wat's greater dan, ur own ur means nah to run abi:v
better wait cuz (Death iz Death)

Cheat: Airtel New Data Plan 100 Naira For 1GB (Gigabytes)

AIRTEL Nigeria has just introduced weekend data bundle capped at 1024mb (1gb) for just#100 only.

Cheat: Get Glo 3GB For Just N500 Only December, Januaruy 2015/2016 Paid Awoof Data Bundle Cheat (Free Browsing)

Glo has finally joined the trend of weekend data plans, even though Airtel was the first to introduce this data plan.

Exclusive: How To Transfer/Share Megabyte From One Etisalat Line To Another

Life Is Now Much More Easier With Network Communaction Especially With ETISALAT. Imagine You Having About 500MB On Your Etisalat Simcard And You Wanna Transfer/Share It With A Friend, Just Dial
E.g *229*0000(Default Pin For All Etisalat Line)*30*08178808257#
Note: The Data Bundle Must Be Monthly (The Monthly Data Bundle We Do Subscribed For) Not The Free 15MB Given To Us After Recharging.
And For Security Purpose, You Can Change Your Transfer PIN Code
To Change Transfer PIN Code, Dial *247*Old Code*New Code#
Thats All
Dont Forget To Like Us On Facebook And Twitter Also For New And Latest Trending Cheats Updates.

Seen on twitter. Football fans can vex sha...


See This Hilarious Warning A Zoo Management Issued To Visitors (Photo)


What Are They Trying To Fix Now? (Hilarious Photo)

When kids heard Buhari has banned Indomie & Caprisonne Lol!

One word for Akpors this time?

Akpors decided to go sight seeing with his friend Emeka. They loaded up Emeka’s minivan and headed east. After driving for a few hours, they got caught in bad weather. They pulled into a nearby farm and asked the attractive
woman who answered the door if they could spend the night there.
WOMAN: “I realize it’s a terrible weather out there and I have this huge house all to myself, but I’m recently widowed,” she explained. “I’m afraid the neighbours will talk if I let you stay in my house.”
AKPORS: “Don’t worry, We’ll be happy to sleep in the barn. And if the weather breaks, we will be gone first thing tomorrow morning.”
The woman agreed, and the two men found their way to the barn and settled in for the night. Come morning, the weather had cleared, and they got on their way. They enjoyed a great weekend of sight seeing.
After about six months, Emeka got an unexpected letter from a Lawyer. It took him a few minutes to figure it out, but he finally determined that it was from the Lawyer …


Below is schedule the schedule of activities for 2015/2016 academic session.
>> RUGIPO Admission Status 2015/2016 – How to Check
1 12 Oct., 2015 Resumption of the New Students
2. 19 -23 Oct., 2015 Orientation & ICT Training for the student
3. 26 Oct., 2015 Lectures starts for New Students
4. 26 Oct.,-6 Nov., 2015 Resumption of the Returning Students & Registration
5. 6 -13 Nov., 2015 Late Registration and Close of Portal
6. 16 Nov., 2015 Lectures starts for Returning Students
7. 18 Nov., 2015 Matriculation of New Students
8. 21 Dec., 2015 Resumption of SIWES Students
9. 12 Feb., 2016 Lectures end for all Students
10. 15 -19 Feb., 2016 Revision
11. 19 Feb., -18 March, 2016 Examination for all Students
12. 18 March,2016 End of Semester
2 Semester 2015/2016 Academic Session
1 4 April, 2016 Resumption of all Students
2 4 April, 2016 Lectures starts for all Students
3. 1 July, 2016 Lectures End
4. 4 -29 July, 2016 Examination for all Stude…

WELCOME DEVELOPMENT: Petrol is now 87naira, how has it helped you? (Drop your opinions)

Is this another way that the government has decided to tell us Merry Christmas or what? Lovable readers, your opinions are needed..

Abeg! Rate This Mathematics! Lol

Choi! This is disbelieving.. Who is a mathematician here, come and put me through.

Arrrhh. .no Wonder Kids Are Always Afraid

Just imagine
so we've been deceived all this while
just look at the difference. .hmmm
. .its London next year for my christmas celebration.
Wanna join me? Merry christmas peeps!!!!!!!!!!!

Who Deserves This Hamper? A Friend Or Enemy

Drop ya comments oh

LOVE- That's What This Season Is All About.

While you're eating, eating, eating. Eating!!!!!
Show some LOVE, no matter how little.
God appreciates those who show love.
Have a blissful christmas!

STORY: Man Wey Dey Reason…Part 10

Next morning, as early as 8am man woke me up.
And he told me we should start preparing for work.
I woke Brainbox also. The others were still
“we no go chop before we go?” Brainbox asked.
“no worry we go chop vegetable soup for Mama
Calabar place” Man responded. “who be Mama
calabar?” Brainbox asked. “when we reach there u
go see her” Man answered(his usual way of
answering such question).
Why i so much liked Mama Calabar canteen was
because the place was neat. Not only that,
because that was the canteen most kponkpon
workers ate their breakfast. “mehn! Calabar women
sabi cook oh, i must marry Calabar woman oh” i
concluded as i munched my kingsize meat.
Mama Calabar canteen wasn’t far from our “place
of work”, so we walked down gulping our sachet
water, like the ghetto boys we were.
“e get one old man wey i want make we go see,
him name na Old solja, nahim be security man for
dis site for night, na him hand key to where dem
dey put cement dey dey, but as him no dey around

A JAB reader shares photo of his bathroom

Caption: My bathroom is to nice and fancy Lolol

Photo: Osita Iheme AKA PawPaw chilling in his office

Osita Iheme was spotted relaxing in his Office like a boss, He most be one of the hardworking types in the industry…

Yuletide: Hotel Owners Forum in Abuja reduces room rate by 50 per cent

The Hotel Owners Forum, Abuja (HOFA), has reduced room rates and other services by 50 per cent to encourage patronage for the yuletide.

NCCE expresses joy over FG’s proposal to engage 500, 000 teachers

Prof. Monday Joshua, the Executive Secretary, National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), has expressed joy over the Federal Government’s proposal in the 2016 Budget to employ 500,000 teachers.

How To Prevent Your Computer From Automatic Sleeping or Hibernation

You can adjust how long your computer waits before sleeping or hibernating or prevent it from turning itself off altogether.

Channels TV Wins Best TV Station For The 10th Time, Nigerians React On Twitter

Yesterday, at the 2015 edition of the Nigerian Media Merit Awards, top media network Channels Televsion won the Best TV Station for a record 10th time.

Yuletide: FG declares Dec. 24, 25, 28 public holidays

The Federal Government has declared Dec. 24, Dec.25 and Dec. 28 public holidays to mark Maulud Nabiy, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, respectively.

STORY: Man Wey Dey Reason…Part 4 continued..

We also had Haruna and his wife Nkiru as
neighbours. Haruna doubled as the security man
and the caretaker of the compound. I was told he
had been into the security business since he was
Seven. A business that had carried him far and
wide Nigeria. He brags about marrying three wives.
One Ibo, One Yoruba, and One Hausa. The Yoruba
Lady, he Married when he was in Ibadan. The
Hausa Lady was in the north. While the Ibo Lady
was staying with him, her name was Nkiru.
Nkiru!! Oh Nkiru!! Nkiru was the u’gliest woman i
ever came across. She looked more like a wild
animal. Infact, it was better i died than marrying
such a “vampire”. I wondered what Haruna say in
her that made him marry her, well, like they say:
“beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Infact the
only beautiful thing about Nkiru was that she owns
the provision store outside our compound.
A provision store that guys wanted to run down
with L101 and L102.
L was a code name for looting. While 101 meant
“one person” and 102 meant “…

STORY: Man Wey Dey Reason…Part 4

“Everybody, how was ur night?” Pkc asked the next
morning, “mine was disastrious” i said out of my
mind’s mouth.
“its time for morning devotion, Flow would lead us
in praise and worship while Man would lead us in
prayers” Pkc said, “why me na, i no get voice oh,
the mess wey Baba jay give me chop last nite don
make my voice dry oh” i almost said.
“worthy, u are worthy, king of kings lord of lords, u
are worthy” i began. I sang one song for 5minutes
before i could think of another song. I totally forgot
songs, my brain went blank.
Now it was time for prayers. Funniest prayer ever.
“Baba God, how far, how heaven today” Man
began, “thank u for the match wey Chelsea win
yesterday, Baba God i say make i ask u oh, shey u
be Chelsea fan?” he continued, “Baba, i thank u say
me and my guys dey alive to see today, Baba give
me strength as i dey go mix rice and beans today,
in Jesus name” he concluded “Amen!” we
responded. “Man wey dey reason!!” they cheered
him. I couldn’t help but laugh at suc…

''I Must Take You To Village For Christmas'' - Hilarious Photo

December is always an interesting
period...anything goes. *laughs*!

Accident leaves 8 injured at NNPC Mega station

Two vehicles were on Monday involved in a head on collision near the NNPC Mega Station in Central Business District of Abuja.
The accident involved a Kebbi State Transport Service vehicle and a TATA Indigo saloon car with four passengers aboard each vehicle.
The eight occupants of the two vehicles sustained serious injuries and were conveyed to the Wuse General Hospital for treatment. (NAN)

TV series/movies that trended in 2015

Google Trends has released the list of movies/TV series that trended in 2015. The likes of Empire, Furious 7 and other A-list movies/TV series are surely in this list; although, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is missing.

Lukaku THANKS Jose Mourinho for letting him leave Chelsea

Romelu Lukaku has thanked Jose Mourinho for allowing him to leave Chelsea for Everton in 2013.

Sports minister orders NFF to pay all outstanding salaries to coaches and players

Solomon Dalung, Nigeria's sports minister, has ordered the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to pay all outstanding allowances and bonuses owed players and officials of the various national teams.

Man Utd to hijack PSG's Lewandoski offer

With Paris Saint-Germain seemingly ready to offer Robert Lewandowski £15 million per year, Manchester United are willing to match the French side's offer to bring the Pole to Old Trafford.

Hiddink to replace Mourinho short term

Reports claim Chelsea are ready to offer Guus Hiddink a temporary role as the club's manager should Jose Mourinho be sacked. The Blues, however, are said to be hopeful of signing Diego Simeone at the end of the 2015-16 season.

City want Schalke's Kolasinac

Schalke defender Sead Kolasinac is a January transfer target for Manchester City, according to the 22-year-old's agent Gordon Stipic-Wipfler.

Ancelotti to sign three-year Bayern deal

Former Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti is set to be appointed as boss at Bayern Munich on a three-year deal, with current coach Pep Guardiola set to leave at the end of the 2015-16 season.

EVENT: John Akweh's Blog Quest For Answers Challenge Season 1 [PRIZES INCLUDED!]

[image loading...]
The John Akweh's Blog Quest For Answers Classroom Challenge Season 1 will kick-start next year, 2016 and will last all through the Second term of the session.
Every 2 weeks, the winners of our prizes will emerge and their photos will be promoted on the internet and on social media.
You will be alerted when it commences. Start preparing.

Wizkid – Ojuelegba – Lyrics & Meaning

Its legendury beats
Yea yea
wizzy baba o
Na wa oh
Dami loun – Answer me
Ni ojuelegba – in Ojuelegba
They know my story
From holdup studio
I be hustle to work eeeeh
Ni ojuelegba ooooh
Me and CD
From holdup studio
We been hustle to work eeeeh
Ni ojuelegba ooooh
My people dey there
My people suffer
Them dey pray for blessing eh
Ni ojuelegba o
My people dey there
Them dey pray for blessing
For better living eh eh
Kilo dale – What has happened
Aiye o le to yen o – Life is not that hard
Aiye o ni double – We don’t have 2 lives
Adura lo le se o – Only prayer can do it
Call on daddy…baba God
Adura a gba o – prayers will be answered
Tisu eni ba dele – don’t flaunt your riches
A fowo bo n je
I am feeling good tonight
This thing got me thanking God for life
Oh, I can’t explain
I can’t explain eh yea
I am feeling good tonight
This thing gat me thanking God for life
I can’t explain
I can’t explain eh yea
I say ni ojuelegba
They know my story
From holdup studio
I be hustle to work e
Ni ojue…

Olamide – Shakiti Bobo – Lyrics Meaning

It’s young john the wicked producer
Eyin omo wobe(wobe) –
Eyin omo awobe(wobe)
Mo gbo information(mation) – I got informed
Ninu radio(dio)- on the radio
Ninu Tele(tele) _ on the television
Won ni e n fa sush (iro o) – that u smoke sush(lie)
E u n fa sush(iro o) – u smoke sush… (lie oy
Ta lo n fa sush..(bobo) – who smokes sush.. (bobo)
Ta lo n fa suush(bobo)
Ta lo n fa suush(bobo)
Wo bobo,were lo ba de e – see guy, it’s with madness
To get this money to dey ball every night and day
Wo bobo, were lo ba de
Zero dulling emi o le naa gere mo laye- no dulling, I can’t dull
Oya shakiti bobo -c’mon shakiti bobo
O fe ra bentley bobo – you want to buy bentley (bobo)
O fe ra ferrari bobo- you want to buy ferrari (bobo)
Fly you to paris bobo
Oya shakiti bobo
O fe ra bentley bobo
O fe ra ferrari bobo
Fly you to paris bobo
Verse 1
Ko ni da fun awon scrapp yi o – all these scrapp won’t be successful
Won ni owo yahoo lo help mi o – they said money from yahoo helped me
Ki ni mo ya lowo…

Grafton Entertainment & DM Records To Host “Timaya Concert” This December

Come December 19, 2015, in the city of Port Harcourt, Grafton Entertainment in conjunction with DM Records will be hosting, for the very first time, Timaya and Friends in a concert tagged – ‘I Concur’.

Small Doctor Unveils Art For Sophomore Album, “Omo Iya Teacher”

Small Doctor currently signed to Real Beat Planet is set to release his 2nd album after the release of his debut album last year which was titled “Street Ambassador”.
Now the street Ambassador is gearing towards the release of his 2nd body of work dubbed, “Omo Iya Teacher”
Lets anticipate!

Bovi & Kaffy Are The Hosts For The Headies 2015!

The Headies has always had the dopest personalities host the Awards. Since the first edition in 2006, with Darey Art Alade hosting solo, each year has had hosts step up their game with outstanding persona, glamorous outfits and top notch delivery.

Juliet Ibrahim celebrates son’s 5th birthday with loving words and pictures

Juliet Ibrahim wished her son a very happy 5th birthday by sharing a Flipagram video and a beautiful message. She wrote: