Tuesday, 29 December 2015

(1) Content Marketing Analysis: How to Gather & Interpret Insights To Improve Your Strategy

Sometimes, as digital marketers, we’re guilty of measuring content marketing metrics without remembering why. You see the numbers go up and you think, ‘ah excellent, we’re doing well.’

Your boss gives you a pat on the back, your CEO is delighted that you’re increasing traffic to the website and your ego is well fed for another month.
Wait. Before you close Google Analytics, stop right there! Yes, it matters that your content marketing strategy is performing well but what matters more is ‘why.’ If you never get to they ‘why’ of your progress, or your lack thereof, you’ll never improve your content or make your customers obsessed with your brand (and make no mistake about it – obsession matters).
Here’s What Understanding the ‘Why’ of Content Marketing Analysis Can Help You Achieve:
– You’ll understand what draws customers in and makes them read your content.
– You can learn how to move them to action (to make them click, download or share).
– You’ll identify the types of content they’re proud to share.
– You can discover the types of content that helps them learn better and come back for more.
– You’ll become a better content marketer (oh, now you’re listening, right?)
On our next post, we’ll show you how to analyse 4 important components of your content and explain how to use these insights to improve your content marketing strategy.
Stay tuned!
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