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Funny indeed: New meaning of buhari in the oxford dictionary [must read]

OXFORD DICTIONARY: New word inclusion.
BUHARI /boo-ha-ree:/ Noun: buhari
1. hard, hardship, difficult, harsh, tough;
e.g "The economy is now buhari for the masses" Synonyms: onerous, strenuous, arduous grueling, painful, hellish;
Antonyms: easy, smooth, simple.
Verb: buharify, buharicate, buharification;
2. to make complex, worse, unbearable;
e.g "Please don't come and buharicate issues here" "The only way to reduce applicants is to buharify the process"
Synonyms: complicate, exacerbate, degenerate;
Antonyms: simplify, ameliorate.
Adjective: buharific
3. terrible, hectic, difficult;
Synonyms: tough, back-breaking, intricate, knotty, thorny;
Antonyms: fantastic, splendid, pleasant.
e.g "How were your final exams? It was buharific!!!"

Credit: OluwaTosin Liam


Ay yo wassup bruh/Sis,
Am a dude aged 22 and as a man, I gatta hustle hard u knw. So I wanna hustle in ur organization, u feel me?
I got some dope qualifications fittin that hustlin post of an engineer. I bet am gonna rock that position in yo company babe.
i got fuck loads ov experience bruv yu know wah am sayin bruv
Thumbs up for yo time n consideration bruh/Sis. Say holla to yo spouse at yo crib.
Its yo boy engineer chixo.. Peace!

Credit: Lyon Trevor

If All These Happened....Which Would Suprise You Most?

Imagine you wake up one morning
only to find out that;
1. Petrol price is now N1 per litre
2. NEPA bill is N30 per month
3. Super Eagles won the World Cup
4. Buhari picks Jonathan as Vice President
5. Kano Pillars just signed Lionel Messi
6. Osogbo is the new Capital of
7. Nigerian Rapper Olamide wins a
grammy award
8. Dangote is a gate-man in one the of
motor parks
9. Shekau becomes Minister of
fighting against terrorism!
10. Don Jazzy signs Music Singer
Justin Beiber
Which one of the above will surprise
you most?

Welcome to Lagos: Danfo Palavas (Very Funny)

For those who’ve never been to Lagos, and those who’ve been living in Lagos, but have been ignorant to all its many glories (probably because they live the life of from house to car to office), here are some things you might see in other states, but you can never find them well objectified the way you find them in Lagos.

And Another Love Story - Part1

No sooner had the short man mounted her that he gave a loud roar and collapsed with a heavy thud right beside her. He panted like a deer that had just fled the hunter, a triumphant smile crossing his face as he ran his fingers all over her face. There was no need for telling that he had just had the greatest pleasure of his life at the detriment of changing the entire world of his victim.