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PERSONALITY REVIEW: Doreen Racheal Chitondwe, Author and Poet

This ain't the first personality review i've written, so let's get down to business. 19-year-old pretty Doreen Racheal Chitondwe is a Zimbabwean, born into the family of six. She's an author, poet, musician, actress, man i can't list all her talents, it'd take pages!

She has a penchant for creativity.

BOOK REVIEW: The Indians Child (Kindle Edition) By Doreen Chitondwe

This book is about a girl named Rachna, a Zimbabwean born Indian who was rejected since birth by her grandparents and has to endure a lot of pain, when she realises that her father was not dead but in fact alive and well. She finds out all this just as her mother has died. Secrets and lies are a daily bread in this thriller.

Released: 18th October, 2017.

Top 3 Websites Which You Can Read Books Online For Free In Nigeria

A Good Morning to you! Today am gonna be dropping 3 websites where you could read novels from. Take for instance, you wanna read a novel but you haven't got the funds to get it. These websites will help satiate you desire. - Khnovel would be my number one. Because i love the design and page layout. You can get almost any popular novel you might need here. - Good part about them is that they've got novels written by Nigerians. - This would be my third best. Haha!

Uses Of Synthetic Rubber

This is for the students and all those who wanna take learning to heart. Synthetic rubber can be used for a whole lotta things you could be suprised at. 1. It can be used as driving belts. 2. It can be used as protection or coating for insulators. 3. It can be used to bond metals. Ofcourse! 4. It can be used to make pipes or hoses for transporting petroleum products. If you've been to a filling station before, you'll know what i mean. And that's all my small head can take on Chemistry today.

The Final Weeks Of Life - Read What Takes Place!

It is common for a patient to exhibit some or all of the following symptoms during the final weeks of life (before death): 1. Little interest in eating and drinking. 2. Desire to be alone or with very few people. 3. Increased amount of time sleeping. 4. Restlessness. 5. Disorientation. 6. Incontinence. 7. Breathing changes. 8. Congestion. 9. Skin colour changes. Now you know. And don't think you can avoid it!

QUESTION!! Can Humans Live Forever?

A few years ago, researchers reported the discovery of some underwater plants that they believe have been alive for thousands of years. The plants are of the species Posidonia oceanica, a type of seagrass that covers the Mediterranean seabed between spain and Cyprus. If plants can leave to that amazing age, what about humans? Some scientists who study aging are optimistic about the prospect of an extended life span. Developments are still ongoing without any impact yet though.

HILARIOUS PHOTO: Man kills himself and runs away

Lol. What the hell??