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Franc Selak a Croatian man, escaped more vehicle accidents than most people are willing to put up with. His strange story began in the sixties when he was riding on a train that derailed into a river. Selak wasn't among the seventeen dead, having escaped with a broken arm.

Our Quote For Today

Another week starts today! And we're always here to inspire you with amazing quotes.

'Ice-Cream' In English, Yoruba, Igbo And Hausa Languages

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The sunday here is so hot that i decided to go out and go get an ice-cream. But guess what? How the hell do people pronounce the word Ice-Cream?? Oya!
English: Ice Cream
Yoruba: Asi krimu
Igbo: Iezz Kilim
Hausa: High Screen..
Happy sunday jare.

IN ADVANCE: Best Valentine Gifts For Your Partner This Year

Valentine is coming. But what is Valentine really and how do we celebrate it?
For me, Valentine is a Love Day. The day where love is freely shown to every person on this planet, irrespective of who you are. We can celebrate Valentine by hanging-out. Most, prefer this one. But what about gifting? Even if you do not have a partner, get a gift for your next door neighbour.

SHORT STORY: The Snake Prince: The Glitter Of Death

Once upon a time, there lived a king who had a daughter called Aminat. She was the most beautiful girl in town. Aminat was asked for her hand in marriage by so many young men, but she refused. Her expectation was for a ready-made handsome young man with riches.

SHORT BUT SAD STORY: The Scorpion And The Turtle

Once upon a time, the scorpion wanted to cross the river. It noticed a turtle on the rock and begged the turtle to ferry it across the river where it could find some succulent green vegetation.

The turtle asked, "How can i be sure you will not sting my neck?" "Don't be silly," the scorpion shouted back, "If i did that, we would both drown." The turtle was persuaded and so they both swam (with the scorpion strapped to the turtle's back) towards the green vegetation. When they were almost at the end of the river, contrary to its promise, the scorpion stung the turtle on the neck. Struggling to make it to the riverbank and gasping, the turtle with a look of betrayal asked the scorpion, "Why did you do this to me?" Jumping off from the turtle's back to safety on the land, he replied, "I thought you might dive under the water and drown me."

What did you learn guys? I learnt that people find it very hard to trust others.

READ WHY: Why You Should -No, Must!- Drink Alcohol

When used moderately, alcohol can indeed be a source of pleasure. Alcohol (wine, beer, rum) can make you happy and even enhance the taste of food.

The Americans today always love to order a drink before the main meal is served, at restaurants. Do you know why? Obviously because it makes the taste of a food more tasteful.

Get Four Times (4x) On Every Recharge On Your Glo Sim Now

You can now get 4x on every recharge on your GLO sim just like Airtel and MTN. E.g.




Just dial *323*Recharge card pin# and send. Validity is for 30days.

The Good Thing About Sex Dolls That Many Guys And Girls Are Ignorant Of

Sex Dolls has been trending for a while now since it's entrance into social media. Reactions are enormous. Especially here in Nigeria.

Important Things About Nigeria That You Might Have Missed

Location: West Africa, bodering the North Atlantic Ocean between Benin and Cameroon. Her Federal Capital Territory is Abuja.

Nigeria has a population range of about 125,514,501, while her currency in Naira, which is One Hundred Kobo. The official language the people use is English. Nigeria has a total area of 923,770 square kilometres. This land area is slightly more than twice the size of California in the U.S.A.

THROWBACK RESEARCH: Marijuana Used To Treat Asthma?

Some years back, Medical Researchers claimed that Marijuana may have therapeutic value in treating Glaucoma (an eye defect) and Asthma (a lung defect) and in easing the nausea that cancer patients experience during chemotheraphy. Well, here we are now after two decades and nine years, we are still waiting. Or we aren't?

4 Things You Shouldn't Do On A Sunday

Okay, we all know what the Sabbath Day was meant for. I lie? No. The Bible too tells us what we should and should not do on a day like this. Just read from Genesis to Revelation, you'll surely find it somewhere. Just kidding.

Things you shouldn't do on Sunday:

Easy Ways On How To Pass A Job Interview In Nigeria In 2018

The fact that there are less job opportunities everywhere dosen't serve as a yastic for a job finder to give up looking for a job.

Some of the reasons why you don't get a job might be because of how you responded to the interview. This article will guide a job seeker on how to prepare and averagely pass any job interview in 2018.

How Reading Can Improve Your I.Q Reasoning By 2% In 2018 - Lifestyle Blogger, John Akweh says

Nigerian Lifestyle Blogger, John Akweh, speaks on how reading can improve your cognitive assonance to a higher level. The seventeen year old blogger dedicates this interesting topic to the students as they resume or prepare to resume their next semester.

Easier Ways To Pay For Your JAMB 2018 E-pin Other Than Queueing At Banks

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The 2018 JAMB has already begun. Students have started registering themselves. I have also noticed that candidates are complaining about the issue of the E-pins. They say that the crowd at Banks are like four-thousand. Lol, just kidding. But people are much anyway.

Now standing in this harmattan and heat, coupled with the fact that Banks close at about 4pm would make some students feel discouraged.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Get Mad At Your Parents Even When Their Behaviour Is A Disgrace

You will agree with me that even the term "Home sweet Home" has now become a cliche, in this present world. As a Lifestyle Blogger, i have come to observe that most homes aren't all that warm and fuzzy, but the opposite. Children are fond of doing things the wrong way, but what about the parents?

4 Ways To Avoid Troubles With Your Lecturer In 2018

This year should be about changing our ways to be good students. This is very important for students who are resuming back or about to.

1. DON'T DATE A BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN SCHOOL: These are really traps. Avoid this! Especially if she's from your department. The lecturer might also have his eyes on her too, creating trouble for you.

The Amount Of Money In This Picture Is Giving Me Headache

From Left To Right: Dj Cuppy, Femi Otedola (Cuppy's Father), David Adeleke, Aliko Dangote, and Aremo Oniru (Ex Commissioner For Water Co-operation In Nigeria).

Hah.. nawa oh.. is like this year go good for me o.

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FUNNY PHOTO: This Is How Women's FootBall Looks Like

Can you imagine??

Happy New Year From The Church Of Scientology

Today, The Church Of Scientology International, Los Angeles, shared their warmest New Year's greetings on their twitter handle.

They wrote: "Happy New Year! The Church of Scientology wishes you and yours an incredible and rewarding 2018!"..

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Peace isn't the destination, peace is the way.

2018: Happy New Year From It's John Akweh's Blog, Nigeria

Happy New Year from our end here.. and we wishing you all a better year ahead..
Do drop your New Year's resolutions..