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Kinds Of Guys That Will Never Leave A Beautiful Girl Alone

I really feel for the ladies when such predicament befalls them. I mean, you see sorts of guys everyday and you know they'll come sweet-talking you but you don't know which one will stay and which will leave. Frustrating, isn't it?

But who are these guys and how do you notice them?

One kind will he the guy who toasts a girl on social media. Yes, this one is common. When a pretty girl uploads a selfie, she gets likes, comments, shares and what-have-you. They then rush to your inbox. Now, why they don't leave you alone might be because you upload selfies of your cute self everyday and their news feed keeps updating. The guy also sees your username on his friends list everyday and he is reminded to ask you to be his girlfriend. No matter how much you say NO! to him, your username will remind him that you're still there. Only way you can do away with him is to unfriend or unfollow him and he's outta your life. For now.

The second kind will be the guy that has liked you since childhood. We all know that the beauty of a lady isn't when she is still a child, but when she is all grown-up. This guy buys you sweets, helps you sharpen your pencil and even walks you home from school everyday. Now you've grown into a beautiful lady and he found out that you forgot him and now have a new boyfriend. Would he let that go easily? I don't think so. He might not even let you go for as long as he lives. He's heart-broken, so he tries to get you back. Even when you give you reasons on why he should forget you and move on with his life, he'll never give you up. The only hope you have is to pray to God that he finds a better girl in time who will make him forget you with time.

The third kind of guy is the rich guy who is desperate for a wife. These guys are pressed by their parents to get a wife before they disown him. Surely, this kind of guy would do any thing possible to get you once he sets his sights on you. Even by fetish means. If you meet this type of guy, it's best you study his character and family background. If it suits you, accept his marriage proposal. But, if you don't like his character (rich kids are arrogant) or his family, (maybe they are yorubas and they eat too much pepper) then tell him or go to a Doctor of the Heart and explain your problem. Ene Agbo of Joy FM, Oturkpo, is always there to help.

So is there any other kind of guy that never leaves a pretty girl alone, you know about? Please, share your idea with us using the comment box below


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