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Forget April 1st! Today Is The All Fools' Day; The Day Nigerians Voted Buhari Into Power

The hashtag was #NigeriaDecides.

But they decided wrong!

On the 29th March, 2015 was the day Nigerians boldly decided without an iota of doubt that Muhammadu Buhari is the best presidential candidate for the next four years. And they voted him.

They Said They Have Found Over 4000 Planets; These Astronomers Might Even Discover Hell Fire

According to NASA, we have about 4,000 planets.

Which took twenty years to discover.

Some say Science is God (or vice versa), but are we really alone?

How Some Girls Show Off Their New Man In The Beginning Stages

Good Morning Nigeria!

I am just reminded of those Facebook girls who post an early morning selfie with the caption: "Slept like a baby."

A baby dragon you mean, huh?

Mad People (Politicians) Don't Need An Identity Card To Show That They Are Really Mad

Insanity or "unsound mind" happens when one acts or talks in an abnormal mode of cognitive reasoning.

It happens everyday. All over the world. And now, right here in Nigeria.

English Language At Its Worst! When The Mighty Vatican Mis-spelled JESUS

English Language is the pure language. Used by many countries as their official language in the world today, it has certainly gone far than just speaking.

It is written down and even used as a communicating language between a man and a pet.

Monkeys Steal Money? Then The Animals Must Know How To Speak ; The Governor Now Rears Snakes

It is disgraceful and shameful. Simultaneous degradation of our country Nigeria. The news spread worldwide as fast as a burning bush. Who will clear our name?

Now people will laugh and win bets that corruption is really the bedrock of this country.

BRIEF: Kenya's Health Sector Is In Trouble! Presidency, Where Are You?

Okay, i thought it was Nigeria's Health sector that was messed up, but i just got a tweet from a follower of this blog that Kenya should be our centre of worry.

How To Call 911 Even When An Intruder Is In The Room

Is this boredom or am i trying to save a life?

The latter i presume. Please react and share this.

WATCH: Abraham, Isaac, JACOB and David were NOT Christians! - Daddy Freeze

Am guessing ya'll should be aware that OAP of Cool Fm is now into Vlogging. And he preaches! Well, the guy calls it teaching. Haha.

5 Signs You're Doing Better Than You Think You Are

Lemme just try ta inspire you this weekend.
1. You're not the same person you were a year ago.
2. You've got goals.
3. You've experienced real hardships.
4. You have 1 or 2 close friends.
5. You know that God has great things in store for you.

FEATURED: My Top Ten Favourite Rap / Hip-Hop Songs Of All Time - Boucher

1. Eminem - Lose yourself
2. Eminem - Stan
3. Nf - Therapy session
4. Eminem - Beautiful

21 People Who Changed The Internet Forever

Just some research i did during my free time. Time ta take you back memory lane a bit. Here we go.

1. Vint Cerf & Bob Kahn (TCP/IP)
2. Sir Tim Berners-Lee (World Wide Web - www)
3. Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Google Inc.)
4. Bill Gates (Microsoft)
5. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

Easy Steps On How To Use Your Flash Drive As RAM

This works on all Windows Operating Systems.

1. Insert your drive.
2. Goto My Computer.
3. Click on Advanced.
4. Click on Setting Of Performance.
5. Click on Change.
6. Select the drive and click on Custom Size.
7. Enter 1024 in Initial Size and 30280 in Maximum Size.
5. Save and you're done.

Chronicles Of LGwan Mohammed - Episode #2

Episode #2

John: med, you ever kissed a pretty lady before?

LGwan: dog, i was close to doing it

Kenny: what happened? She discovered you didn't brush your teeth?

John: puhaha. Must have smelt like rotten eggs kept in unwashed socks

Kenny: buhaha. Or hot-boiled cum

LGwan: no, you certified fools of infinite stupidity. My mama woke me up before i did it.

[Kenny fainted, woke up, and re-fainted again. John fainted without falling down.]

Happy International Women's Day! - Why Are Women/Girls Drawnback By The Society?

Happy International Women's Day! In March, thousands of world leaders, NGOs & activists meet to discuss how to improve the lives of women and girls. So just like the Girls Guides and Girls Scouts, i'll be sharing some tips on how the lives of women can be improved in our present society.

Why The Diety 'gods' You Serve Don't Answer Your Prayers

Don't get fiesty about the photo above. I ain't referring to the bald band guys.

Okay, you are a pagan and you serve a god who demands material things just to make one tuber of your yam look like the size of a car tyre. Look at you! (Feel like spinning your jaw, idiot!)