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Our Inspirational Quote For Today

"Know the rules well so you can break them effectively." Am i making sense?

Cartoon Of The Day: Beer Or A Rifle With Ammo?

Ya'll get the gist, huh? Which country does this happen?

IN INDIA: A Man Who Steals RS. 200 For Hunger Is Murdered, While A Man Steals 27000 Crores For Luxury Is Set Free

The death, reflects the heinous, anti-human, violent, growing intolerance of the society. Happening in Nigeria too. In fact, everywhere.

Our Quote For Today

Uh-huh, that's right. We talking about critics here! I guess Tobit's blindness was even more better than theirs'. Let's try to fix this. People are important just as the food you eat. So, should you not try to second-guess their ingredients?

RAP: COLD TRIGGER CREW 2018 Logo Design Art

COLD TRIGGER is an online rap crew founded by a South African, Azola Ayzo Minus.

It has about 73 dope rappers in its clique and is know to be the most undefeated crew ever.. after Vatoz.

Get 10TIMES On Every Recharge For Calls, SMS And Data, On Your Airtel SIM card NOW!

GET 10x INSTANT bonus recharge on sms, calls and data, everytime you recharge your phone.

Dial *220*recharge pin# now. Don't miss out on this!

How Does A Space Shuttle Launch Looks Like At Night? Your Answer Is Here

In case you've ever wondered what a space shuttle launch looks like at night, see the photo below

PHOTO: A Spiral Sunset - An Exquisite Phenomenon

Amazing huh? Yep! Where else have you seen this? Or is this just your first time? How about sitting side-to-side with your girlfriend on a park bench and watching this exquisite phenomenon? Romantic!

Get Free N600 To Call All Networks On MTN

These people want to wreck us oh. Chai! No better Awuf!
Anyway, dial *888*recharge pin# when recharging N200 airtime.
Valid for 14days. Don't miss out on this weekend awuf!

Attend My Inspirational Segment For Today: I Won't Even Be Able To Make Fun Of Myself Without Some Fag Getting Offended!

Everything is goddamn messed up! Did you see the photo above? Man, that's what happens when your village people finally finds your calabash. It can only get worse.

SUNDAY SPECIAL: Why Is The Law Or Word (Bible) Of God Almighty Sold? Is There A Conspiracy Somewhere?

It's a lovely Sunday and amma say Happy Sunday to ya'll.
But let's quickly come to the topic of discussion. Why do we buy Bibles? In the Old Testament, God gave Moses the laws for free because they were God's own laws which he wanted His people to abide by. Did He collect payment in any kind? Animals, land, money? No!

Why You Shouldn't Allow A Child Under 8-Years To Use a Phone

It is deadly.
Am talking consequences here. What do we know about phones? That they can browse, make call, send and receive sms, play games. But that's just a tiny speck of what a mobile phone can do.

Attend Our Morning Inspiration For Today: Quote For Your Soul

"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."
Have you ever been denied of someone's approval? It's normal tho'. But the means do not justify the end. Do what you do and focus on it. Save our quote in photo format below.

Funny Post For Today: Two Boys Disagree To Deposit In Zenith Bank's Bulk Room Today, Thinking The Bank Will 'Chop' Their Money

The queue at zenith bank today was so long that even a python would be ashamed of its own length. Just to deposit o!

Photo Of U.S Singer, Camilia Cabello With Straight Hair

At an interview. A boring post heh?

#Feb14: Photo Of Twin-Guys Trying To Kiss As They Celebrate Valentines Day

Don't ask me if this thing is real or not. It also beats the shit out of me as much as it does you.
Anyway, happy val day.

As Ash Wednesday Clashes With Valentine's Day Tomorrow, Would You Still Celebrate It?

Okay Ladies and Gents, we all know tomorrow is Valentines Day, also called Lovers day, but do we also know that it also marks the beginning of Lent?

Funny Post For Today: This Heat Can Make Chickens Lay Cooked Eggs!

Man's not hot? Yamad ni! Everywhere is hot jare! What the...

SUNDAY DATA DEAL: Get 75MB With Just #100 On Airtel

AIRTEL DATA DEAL is back again!! With just 100naira, you can get 75Megabyte worth of data to browse the Internet.

CHILD TRAINING: How To Keep Your Children From Being Sick

Photo credit:

To prevent your kids from getting sick, there are basic health precautions you must take. Here are some of those precautions as prescribed by health experts.

BLACK PANTHER The Movie To View In Theaters February 16

The King is here!
Okay, you guys thought i don't watch movies? That's brouhaha.

Peace Corps Are Not Getting Any Salary But Are Paying Over N45,000 To Join In Gboko, Benue State

A friend of mine who joined the PEACE CORPS OF NIGERIA, Gboko Local Government Squadron In Benue State here, inspired me to write this article.

Ways Of Breaking Up With Your Lover Before February 14

1. 16 missed calls? You killed my battery so you are capable of killing me ..... It's over!!! 2. You don't even respect me. Am talking and you are busy breathing. Its over!!! 3. I called you and you picked immediately. You lack patience. It's over! 4. I told you I like my food hot but you refused to warm the ice cream. You don't care about me. It's over!!! 5. I gave you two eggs, to boil one and fry the other. You fry the one you were supposed to boil and boil the one you were supposed to fry. You are not obedient. It's over!!! 6. I messaged you at 11:59pm and you replied me at 12:00am. Why did you reply me the next day? It's over!!! 7. I called you DARLING and you called me HONEY. Indirectly you are calling my mom a BEE. No respect for in-laws. Pack your bags. It's over!!!

SUNDAY SPECIAL: "This Year Is Your Year!" - We Are Tired Of Hearing Pastors Say This

Last year, an avid reader of this blog sent me an inbox on my Facebook handle saying:
"My Pastor said this year is going to be my year, let him come and explain what he meant by that because i never see any goodluck this year"

2019 Elections: Should We Really Not Vote For A Leader Above 70years Of Age? But Is There A Choice?

Let me start with a question? Has Nigeria ever had a better leader since handover to civilian government in 1999?
2019 is fast approaching and a new regime has to be elected into power. Many people support the idea of not voting for a leader over 70years of age. The idea erupted from the present administration.

She Snatched My Man Away From Me!!! - But What Else Is New?

Home breaker, Husband snatcher, Husband thief, are few of the expletives ladies use against another lady whom she "thinks" stole her husband. But did the other lady really steal the so-called?