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Throwback Photo: When Nigeria Was Organised Before We All Became Mad

That was Carter Bridge. It is located at Iddo, Lagos, in Nigeria.

Up till now, it is still there. Comparing then with now is really shameful.

The 'Lying Beast' In Alhaji Lai Mohammed

Yesterday, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Minister Of Information and Culture, was in New York at a meeting with Wall Street Journal and Reuters.

Another Dark Age: The Lies Of President Muhammadu Buhari - Part 2

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Now, he now spends more time on air than any other animal while killings are massacres are on-going in just a local government from mine.

The Lies Of President Muhammadu Buhari - Part 1

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Before the current President of Nigeria was made a President, he chided the Nigerian government about their handling of the Boko Haram shindig.

Attitudes Are Contagious, Make Yours' Worth Catching

I have nothing to type here. The photo above explains it all.

The Terror Of Violence Against Children Beats Corruption, Hands-Down

Violence Against Children (VAC) in Nigeria is now a nebulous affair.

The National survey on VAC determines three types of violence:
> Physical violence
> Sexual violence
> Emotional violence

4.3million Children Born In Nigeria Every Year ; Let's Not Fail In Immunisation Than In Giving Birth

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In Nigeria, survey has it that the 4.3million of the 7million children born every year fail to get fully vaccinated before their first birthday.

Bayern Munich Vs Sevilla 2nd Leg: For Those Who Can Stake High, Here's What I Have

The first-leg of this match was a close-shave for Bayern Munich. Today is gonna be tough.

Operation Feed Corruption: Why Nigerian Public Servants And Politicians Prefer To Invest Overseas

In the 1970s, Nigeria first experienced her truamatic and perturbing economical crisis. This was around Alhaji Shehu Shagari's regime.

Who Actually Looted Nigeria For 16 Years? - By Andrew Tyo

Written By Andrew Tyo.
Contact: Andrew Tyo on Facebook

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Out of 24 APC governors today, 22 of them were members of the PDP that ruled for 16 years.

As if that is not enough 20 former PDP governors are now in APC and many of them with corruption cases, but PMB's corruption fight "no reach their side."

New Examination Pattern In India Is Too Amusing, Says Tiwari, Blog Reader

I got this tweet from an Indian informat, Ashutosh Tiwari.

Twitter handle : @Ashutos22948459