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Photo: A Muslim Brother Tries To Toast A Lady During Ramadan!

The photo isn't viral yet. A twitter follower of this blog, just sent this in. It seems that the deep crevasse in Christianity has also spread to Islam. Ramadan indeed!

What's your take on this?

Your 2018 UEFA Europa League Champions!

Goals from Antoine Griezmann and Gabi pushed Atletico Madrid to clinch their 3rd Champions League title in 8 years with a 3 nil win over France giants Marseille, at the Groupama Stadium containing over 58,000 spectactors, on Wednesday night.

BRIEF: Tonto Dikeh, The White Wolf And Her Devil's Cargo

The woman who just divorced her husband with a child, no - he actually ran away from her, made a tweet about how God would still bless you even if your fashion sense is an eyesore.

Do The Dead Sleep When They Die Or Are They Conscious?

Morning to you all. Hope you had a sleepy night? I did.

My inspiration segment today is going to focus on just a simple question: Do we sleep when we die?

IN Remembrance: Salute To The Best President Nigeria Ever Had, Late Umaru Shehu Musa Yar' Adua - 8 Years After His Death

Allow me to introduce the man who met a litre of fuel at N75 and later reverted it back to N65. He has my loyalty.

I present to you the late 13th President of Nigeria. Best we ever had.

A Joke To Senator Dino Melaye, The Nigerian Jet Li

I present to you the most popular senator in Kogi west of Nigeria, Dino Melaye.

He has done what no Nigerian President has ever done. Therefore, i have made a joke for him. Let's read and laugh a little.

2019 WAEC question in
PARISCO High school.

Subject: Government.

Instructions: Answer the questions below.

(1) In what year did a senator jump out from a moving vehicle?
(A) 2013
(B) 2017
(C) 2019
(D) 2018

(2) What is the name of the senator that jumped out from a moving vehicle?
(A) Dino Magnet
(B) Dino Parisco
(C) Dino Melaye
(D) Dino Bukola Saraki

If a senator jumps out from a moving vehicle sustains injuries and is been rushed to the hospital, with
the aid of a diagram explain why you think he won't be rearrested?

Please, your answers below.

Photo: Nigerian Traffic Warden In An Uncommon And 'Patriotic' Display Of 'Solidarity' With A Bus Driver

Welcome to Nigeria. A country where everything is possible. The picture above might not mean much to readers overseas, but it tells a lot to the 'country men'.

I love my country because of the indispensable, unequivocal and meticulous way that things are been done without another naked eye, seeing.

That picture above na solidarity be that oh. Cheerful giving or showing love to a fellow hustler.

The picture below would explain what i mean.

Exchanging hard currency as bribe through the palm. Exquisite, isn't it?

Corruption on a low-key level. I wonder why i even added Patroitism. Well, let it remain there.

Written by John Akweh.