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THROWBACK STORY: The Ear And The Mosquito

The entire world was starving. There was hardly a morsel of food left anywhere. Only the mosquito had a little calabash bowl of flour hidden away. Each day the mosquito mixed up a bit of porridge and carefully hid the remainder under a stone in the corner of his hut.

The ear was starving and in desperation came to seek food at the mosquito's house. He was so thin he could hardly walk. As he approached the mosquito's house he saw him hide something under a stone.

When the mosquito hadgone to bathe in the river, the ear stole the bowl of flour and made a big dish of porridge and shared it with his hundreds of hungry children.

The mosquito returned from his bath and was hungry so he looked under the stone to get some flour and found that it was gone. He quickly flew to his nearest neighbour, the ear and demanded his food.

'If you do not give me back my flour, i shall never leave you. I will bother you when you hunt or fish or sleep,' whined the mosquito. So, when a mosquito comes to bite a man, the chief of all living things, it first goes to the ear and whines, 'Give me my flour!'

If a man hears this and does not give it, the mosquito takes his food where he can find it.


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