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How Reading Can Improve Your I.Q Reasoning By 2% In 2018 - Lifestyle Blogger, John Akweh says

Nigerian Lifestyle Blogger, John Akweh, speaks on how reading can improve your cognitive assonance to a higher level. The seventeen year old blogger dedicates this interesting topic to the students as they resume or prepare to resume their next semester.

"I know some readers would be asking "Why 2% and not 30% or even more?". Well, the brain dosen't work that way. In fact, anyone who can be able to use about ten to twenty percent of his I.Q is a genius.

"Now after i wrote my Common Entrance Examination in Lagos in 2007, i went into reading. My kind of reading was based on story books and novels. What these kind of books do is to improve your vocabularly, grammar, tenses, and gives you lessons. What you learned from the stories, whether good or bad, are your lessons. When i went back to school, i could catch 12-digit numbers in just a glance. My vocab increased so much that my mates and teachers would ask me to rewine what i said. I also became fast in finding answers to the questions asked by my teachers. My memory too, was awesome, that even now i can still tell you the number of girls (and their names) that became my friends at that time. *wink* Lol. But, that was really it.

"Well, there are also books of wisdom that helps to change your individuality and your mode of thinking for the better. They tellw you more about life, its ups and downs, what to go into and what not, and they even advice you on what kinds of ventures to invest your time and money in. Turning you into a smartass! Donald Trump, President of U.S.A, is a billionaire and reads two books every week. Now i don't mean novels or trashy romantic stuffs, i mean books that helps on investments. That man knows what he spends his time on. If a multi-billionaire and also a President of The United States can devote his time to reading atleast two books on business investments every week, then what the hell are you waiting for?

"head over to the bookshop now and get a good book that can give you wisdom and lessons and you'll be on your way to a better Intelligence Quotient (I.Q). Thank you."


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