Tuesday, 22 December 2015

STORY: Man Wey Dey Reason…Part 4 continued..

We also had Haruna and his wife Nkiru as
neighbours. Haruna doubled as the security man
and the caretaker of the compound. I was told he
had been into the security business since he was
Seven. A business that had carried him far and
wide Nigeria. He brags about marrying three wives.
One Ibo, One Yoruba, and One Hausa. The Yoruba
Lady, he Married when he was in Ibadan. The
Hausa Lady was in the north. While the Ibo Lady
was staying with him, her name was Nkiru.
Nkiru!! Oh Nkiru!! Nkiru was the u’gliest woman i
ever came across. She looked more like a wild
animal. Infact, it was better i died than marrying
such a “vampire”. I wondered what Haruna say in
her that made him marry her, well, like they say:
“beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Infact the
only beautiful thing about Nkiru was that she owns
the provision store outside our compound.
A provision store that guys wanted to run down
with L101 and L102.
L was a code name for looting. While 101 meant
“one person” and 102 meant “two persons”, so
L101 meant looting that involves one person, while
L102 meant looting that involves two persons.
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