Wednesday, 23 December 2015

STORY: Man Wey Dey Reason…Part 7

We left Obele’s canteen at about 6pm and we
walked home slowly. Slowly was how my two legs
could move because my third leg couldn’t help
hasten my steps. It was weak.

“all my body dey pain me oh, my p’rick sef dey pain
me” i complained. “ehen, make we go Oga Benson
shop go buy the drug” Man said. “wetin be d drug
name sef?” i inquired. “the drug name na Tramadol,
but i baptize am, com give am new name, the new
name na Tea. So if we reach there na Tea we go
say we wan buy, if not Oga Benson no go sell for
us” Man responded. “him say plenty Kponkpon
boys dey over use the drug, say one of the boys
almost die because him take overdose of the drug.
Dat na why him no wan dey sell am for anyhow
person, na why him code the name of the drug as
Tea” Man added.
We bought the Tramadol or rather Tea and headed
straight home.
We met only Baba jay at home. “Baba jay u don
chop so?” Brainbox asked Baba jay as we got
home. “i never chop dis nite oh, but i chop P-
square in the afternoon” Baba jay responded.
P-square wasn’t the twin guys that sings. It was
coined out of paw paw. It was yet another code
Before i forgot, we had a neighbour i didn’t mention
earlier; the two big paw paw trees in our
compound. The trees that produced P-square.
“which Medicine una dey drink sef?” Baba jay
asked as he saw us swallowing the drug. “na Tea
oh” i responded. “no be only Tea, na cofee, abeg
tell me the medicine wey una dey drink jor” Baba
said. “ok na Tramadol” Man said, “aaaaah
Tramadol!! That drug wey be like c’ocaine, una don
take c’ocaine be dat oh” Baba jay said staring at
us keenly. On hearing what Baba jay said, i
instantly wished i could turn back the hands of
time, but it was too late because the Tramadol
was already seated in my stomach. “so i don drink
coco be dat? Baba jay dey lie abeg, how dis drug
go be coco” i tot, no knowing Baba jay was telling
us the fact.
“na ur papa go drink c’ocaine no be us” Man
insulted Baba Jay. “na my papa u dey curse like
dat? U no dey fear me? I be ur mate?” Baba jay
attacked. “how many years u be sef? Wey
everytime u go dey tell everybody say u be old
man” Man attacked. It was really a war of verbal
attack between Man and Baba jay. “i be 39 years
old, i be ur mate?” Baba said. I tot he said 29, not
until he repeated; “39 years na beans? I sure say
dem never even born u when i begin to drink beer,
even sef, e fit be say ur Mama be my babe before
she marry ur papa, before dem com born u” Baba
jay said. “u dey mad, no talk of Mama and Papa
like dat oh, i dey warn u oh” Man cautioned.
As the both of them continued raining abuses on
each other, all i was thinking was; “so Baba jay na
39 years, mehn him senior me with 12years oh”.
Baba jay looked a bit matured facially, but i never
expected he could be up to 39. I now saw why he
insisted he should be called “Baba jay” instead of
“Jay” because his name was Jachimike. He should
have told us to call him “grandpa Jay” instead of
“Baba jay”, because he was old enough to be a
grandpa, or so i tot.
To Be Continued…
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