Thursday, 24 December 2015

Survivor pulled from mud three days after China landslide —Report, Official

A man was pulled alive from the mud 67 hours after being buried in a landslide in southern China.
The state media reported on Wednesday in Beijing that the 19-year-old Tian Zeming was on a list of 73 missing people released by authorities on Tuesday.

It said the man, the first to be rescued in days of searching since the landslide hit in Shenzhen on Sunday, was taken straight to hospital.
A firefighting official said the survivor was given oxygen and an intravenous drip while rescuers removed the rubble around him.
He said a dead victim was also recovered on Wednesday from the debris next to the man who survived.
``This is the second body removed from the rubble since the landslide occurred late Sunday morning.
The official said Tian's ankle was crushed in the rubble and hospital surgeons were operating to try to save his foot.
He said more than 4,000 rescue workers were using radar to help them dig at 16 locations before the official 72-hour survival window expired midday on Wednesday.
Shenzhen Vice, Mayor Liu Qingsheng, said among the 75 people still listed as missing, 50 are men and 25 are women.
``The number of missing was initially reported as 91.
Another media report stated that some relatives questioned why work appeared to be halted for five hours, from late Monday to early Tuesday, during a "golden" window.
It said Yu Shengli, the Vice-President, of the dump site company, Shenzhen Yixianglong Investment and Development, has been arrested and detained by the police.
It said police stormed the office, confiscating a computer and documents, and took away Shengli, whose firm owns, operates and manages the waste dump at a disused quarry in Hongao.
The report said the company might have made 7.5 million yuan from its prolonged use of the site, in breach of regulations.
It said the construction waste dump was approved for one year in February 2014, but was reportedly still operating in December this year.
The Ministry of Land and Natural Resources, said the waste dump at a disused quarry collapsed on Sunday, sending a wave of construction debris and red mud across the industrial park.
It said the dump in the village of Hongao had been piled 90 metres high and too steeply.
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