Monday, 28 December 2015

BRACE UP 'R MONDAY: Hahaha…Akpors is in trouble once again

A Lady had been married to a Man for a while, yet she was so hot that every time her husband goes away on a business trip, she invites not one, not two, but three men to come over and play hide and seek.

One day when her husband was leaving for a business trip, she had three men lined up to come over right away. However, this time the husband forgot his passport at home so he had to rush back as fast as he could. When the woman heard the door open, she told all the men to hide somewhere. The first man hid under the bed, the second in the closet and the third one Akpors, out on the balcony. The husband walked into the room and saw his wife standing naked and asked,
HUSBAND: “Darling? Why are you naked?”
She immediately claimed that she was changing into her Night gown for a quick nap. But then her husband heard something under the bed. He found the first guy under the bed and exclaimed,
HUSBAND: “Who the hell are you? And what are you doing here?”.
The guy pulled a fast one and said,
FIRST GUY: “I’m a carpenter, and your wife sent for me to come and fix the bed, it’s fine now.”
The man sighed and said,
HUSBAND: “Okay, how much do I owe you?”
He gives the man 2,000 Naira, as he requested, and told him to get the hell out of his sight. He then opened up the closet to get his passport from the drawer and saw yet another guy.
HUSBAND: “Who the hell are you?”
SECOND GUY: “Your wife sent me to come and fix the closet because it had some loose hinges on the inside.”
The husband just sighs and says,
HUSBAND:”Okay, here’s 2,000 Naira, now get the hell out of my sight!”
While all this was going on, Akpors was outside, looking through the window and all he saw was the woman’s husband giving these guys money. So wanting his own share as well, he barges through the balcony door blurting,
AKPORS: “I was sleeping with her too o! I was sleeping with her too!”.
Akpors is now in the General Hospital, receiving treatment from the beating the woman’s husband gave him.
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