Monday, 28 December 2015

GOOD DEED! Students reward driver for returning valuables to owner

THE Students’ Union Government of the Cross River University of Technology has rewarded a 35-year-old taxi driver in Calabar, Mr Hosanna Nnana, for returning a bag containing cash and other valuables to the owner same day the items were forgotten in his cab.

The owner of the bag, Emmanuel Ulayi, who is National Youth Service Corps scheme corps member in Ebonyi State, had left the bag in the cab during his visit to the metropolis.
Valuables contained in the bag included practicing nursing licence certificate, national identity card, ATM cards, NYSC credit card and Samsung phone worth N50,000, while a wallet containing an undisclosed amount of money was also returned intact.
The SUG body had during an award night held in Calabar honoured the driver for his positive disposition to public service.
The institution’s SUG President, Steven Idiege, said the Good Samaritan taxi driver was also found worthy for his rare show of kindness by returning the bag which was forgotten by his passenger with valuables worth about N500,000 in it.
On realizing that someone had left a bag in his car, the taxi driver said he did not hesitate to turn on the phone, which was in the bag of the owner so that the owner could call it.
Southern City News learnt that shortly after the phone was switched on, it rang and taxi driver directed the owner to come immediately to claim his property.
The owner of the bag, Ulayi (26), who graduated as a nurse from the College of Medical Science, UNICAL, said the day he forgot the items was his saddest and happiest day so far on earth.
Ulayi said he had come to Calabar for an assignment but ran out of luck when he forgot his bag containing the valuables in the cab along Marian Road.
He said, “It was a thing of joy. I visited Calabar from my primary place of assignment in Ebonyi State to carry out a task and when I alighted from the taxi I boarded, I did not remember that I had a bag inside the taxi.
“I came down and went straight to the house and it was when I arrived home that I remembered that I forgot everything in the taxi I boarded.
“I later called my line and it rang, from there I was able to locate the driver to get my bag. In that bag was my licence to practise as a nurse; also there was my NYSC credit card, Samsung handset worth N50,000, among other valuables. But my licence alone is worth over N100,000.”
He added, “I have only shown my appreciation to this man by nominating him for this prestigious award. I have promised him that I will do better things for him when I am back from service.
“I do not know how to express my joy for finding these important items. May God bless the taxi driver and I urge others to emulate this young man so that our society can become a better place.”
The taxi driver said what he did was borne out of his childhood sincerity to mankind and to ensure that he did not tarnish his integrity.
Nnana said, “I hold strongly that what does not belong to me should not be taken without the owner’s consent; that is why immediately I found the bag in my car, I had to turn on the phone I found inside the bag so that the owner could call and claim it and luckily, when he came, I handed over everything to him.”
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