Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Igbinedion male student bleaches, looks like a woman (see photos)

Joshua Agai is a model and makeup artist. He has modeled for some top Nigerian brands.
Joshua is a student of theater arts at Igbinedion University. In a recent interview, Joshua said that although he looks like a female, he is in no way a gay. He however revealed that he has always seen himself as a mannequin and he aspires to one day become ‘Mr World’.

”Naturally, I look like a girl, besides people must talk about you; if you are different they will all say all kinds of things about you. I don’t care what people are saying about me. I am not gay, I’m just a guy with dreams and work so hard for it; so if they like they should talk, it is not my business. Our love for our passion is what makes us standout from the crowd; this is just my style.
On if dressing like a girl qualifies people as gay………. No, because most guys are born feminine and that is just them, people need to accept them for who they are. I’m not gay but I believe most of them are not but some are that are, does not mean they will not be accepted here in Nigeria.
Some of them are born just like that; what they need is our love and prayers and nothing more. Most of them are talented and we need to give them the chance to showcase their talent. I believe it was God that created them too. I think that not all guys who dress like females are gay”, Joshua said.

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