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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Airtel Fast Unlimited 2016 GB Bonanza!

How to get the latest Airtel unlimited GB
1. Get two (2) airtel sims, one will be the line you want to get the unlimited MB or GB while the other sim will be for sending the MB or GB.
2. Load N100 on the other airtel sim which you will be using to
send the unlimited MB or GB to yourself or your friends airtel line.

(NOTE: your account balance must not exceed N100 or below N100. anything apart from N100 account balance, you will loose your money.)
3. Save this code on the line you load the N100 airtime *141*712*11*you r airtel phone
For example, this is the number i load my N100 into, 08022334455,
and i want to send MB to my other line, i will have to save this code like this to this line i load the N100
*141*712*11*080 22707321#
(NOTE: Fix the sim you loa the money into a NOKIA TORCHLIGHT
4. Get an mtn line and use the airtel line you load money on to
call the MTN line. This is where you need to pay attention for you not to lose your money. When you
called the MTN line and its ringing, make sure nobody picks up the call. So while the MTN line is ringing, you quickly scroll down to your contact where you saved
the above code and send will get an error message.
Anytime you see this error message, 10MB as been send to
the number you fixed in the above code. The more you redo the above process, the more you accumulate more MB's For those who want multiple of
200MB, load N1000 instead and use this code *141*712*4*your
airtel phone number#
For those who want multiple of 1GB, load N1500 and use this code
*141*712*5*your airtel phone
For multiple 2GB, Load N2000 and use this code *141*712*6*your
airtel phone number#
to check your data-bundle, dial
NOTE: once the operation did not
end before the call terminate, your money will be deducted which you will need to load
another money and continue again.
Try share this with friends too............ .Enjoy your way to
unlimited MB or GB.

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