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Friday, 2 October 2015

Joke: Akpors and the busy barber

Akpors walks into a barber shop,and asked,”can I get a haircut, when will you be free?” The barber looked around the shop full of customers and said, “About 2 hours.” Akpors left. A few days later Akpors stuck his head in the door again and asked, “How long before you will be free?”, The barber looked around at the shop and said, “About 3 hours.” Akpors left.

A week later Akpors came into the shop and asked, “How long before you can be free so I can get a haircut?”
The barber looked around the shop and said, “About an hour only.” The Akpors left.
The barber turned to a friend and said, “Hey,Kufure, do me a favour. Follow that guy and see where he goes. He keeps asking how long he has to wait for a haircut but then he doesn’t ever come back. ”
A little while later, he returned to the shop, laughing hysterically. The barber asked, “So where does that guy go when he leaves?” Kufure looked up, tears in his eyes and said, “To your wife.”
The barber fainted!
One word for Akpors this time?

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