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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

See Akpors feeling like a smart student when he's not! (READ ON)

One day, Akpors was in class when the teacher walked in. After teaching for sometime, the teacher decided to make the class an interactive one. Here’s what ensued:
Teacher: Who is a pharmacist?
Only Akpors raised up his hand.
Teacher: So it’s only Akpors that is the most intelligent student I have in this class?

Still there was nobody else to answer the question except Akpors.
Teacher: Ok now Akpors, use this cane and flog them ten strokes of cane each!
Akpors filled with happiness, gave all the students ten hot strokes of cane….
Teacher: oya my dear Akpors, tell these dumb students who a pharmacist is…
Akpors: A pharmacist is a farmer who assist people.
The teacher fainted!!

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