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Sunday, 30 August 2015

JABJoke: When will this Akpors have sense sef?

When will this Akpors have sense sef? That’s how his oga sent him on an errand the other day, see what transpired between both of them.
Boss: Take this N150,000, go to computer village and buy me a quality laptop with a big RAM.

Akpors: Okay!
Akpors didn’t return after two days, so his Boss decided to reach him on phone.
Boss: Hello, Akpors, what is keeping you so long?.
Akpors: Well, you see, what happened is that, I’m having problems with the RAM.
Boss: The RAM? How do you mean? Where are you now?
Akpors: I’m on my way back from Kano.
Boss: Kano?
Akpors: Yes Kano. I bought the Laptop at Ikeja but I traveled to Kano to buy the big RAM.
Boss: Oh my God!
Akpors(gets angry): Oh my what?
Boss: Are u normal?
Akpors: I’m not a little child o! Is it not Laptop and big ram you send me?
# One word for Akpors this time?

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