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Monday, 31 August 2015

JABJoke: Akpors and his malaria dream

Akpors met a pretty lady a few years ago, she approached him and initiated a conversation with him. She was driving an SUV that day, they exchanged contacts.
She worked as a senior staff in Chevron. She also owned a couple of properties in Lagos and Johannesburg.

They became very close, and as a poor guy, Akpors was very loyal but she wanted him to be the man in the relationship.
Each time they met her friends, she would be like, “Baby please buy me this… buy me that…”.
It’s her money but she painted a picture that he was the one spending on her. She bought clothes that Akpors never would have looked at because of the outrageous amount it would cost and said he bought it for her as a gift. She rented a 2 bedroom flat for him and each time she came around, she washed his clothes and cooked for him. She suggested that he became independent, that he should quit his N25,000 salary job and start his own business.
She budgeted N15million for his business. Akpors started asking himself what was going on? She hadn’t even met his parents, He hadn’t even proposed to her.
Akpors went ahead and resigned. They started preparing for his first business trip, buying of Visa and all that. She finally transferred the money to his account.
That afternoon, Akpors came to the bank to transfer the money to his domiciliary account, he waited for a long time. Just when it was about to be transferred, his phone rang and it was a friend he owed N400 who woke him up from the dream.

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