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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Facebook launches Drone to add Internet in Remote Areas

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) announced on July 30 that a drone they have developed called Aquila will expand internet to remote areas of the world. Their goal with the initiative is to to boost Internet access to those living in remote places without internet access, particularly poor countries.
The company will test the large solar powered drone in the near future to ensure that it works properly.

Aquila’s launch will mark Facebook’s Connectivity Lab’s continuous efforts to boost Internet access and speed to areas of the world that lack Internet service or good Internet service.
Mark Zuckerberg said the popular social media website company also made a step forward in laser communications technology, creating a new laser able to send out data at 10 gigabits per second. He said this is 10 times quicker than any system and can perfectly connect with a dime-sized point for more than 10 miles away.
A test conducted in Britain back in March showed the drone could increase the speed and access to the Internet by about 10 percent of the population that presently has no Internet connections and who are not near cell towers or landlines.
The drone has a measurement of 100 feet from one wing to the other with a wingspan that is similar to a Boeing 737. Its wings are made of carbon fiber, which goes through a heating process called curing and becomes stronger than steel. Aquilla is launched with helium balloons and can reach operation capability between 60k to 90k feet high. It can also fly for three months before it needs to land.
Aquila works by projecting a laser that will send data to other aircraft as well as a signal that on-the-ground small dishes and towers get within a 50-kilometer distance. This signals, with the assistance of antennas, is then changed into 4G or Wi-Fi networks.

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