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Friday, 24 July 2015

Lil Wayne Gets Kicked Off Private Jet for Smoking Weed and Stinking up

Wayne’s camp denies he was smoking in flight.

Well right after takeoff, Wayne and his crew did what they do best and lit up.

Of course the pilot stood his ground and said absolutely not! Unfortunately, it seems the famous rapper chose to light up anyway, and the pilot was having none of Lil Wayne stinking up the cabin with marijuana smoke.

Despite the warning, Wayne and company lit up, nearly immediately after taking off. So, the captain turned the plane around 17 minutes later, and landed back at the Ft.
Photos obtained by TMZ show that 32-year-old star had brought his own in-flight beverage, which sources alleged contained a “pink/purple liquid consistent with sizzurp”, a mixture of prescription drugs including codeine sweetened with soda and candy. No word on if Wayne was drinking sizzurp or if maybe he had a cold.

While aboard his private jet, Lil Wayne decided to ignore the one thing the pilot specifically told him not to do. According toMy Fox NY, there are new accusations that suggest Bryan “Birdman” Williams and his new protégé, Jeffrey “Young Thug” Williams, were behind the Lil Wayne tour bus shooting back in April in Atlanta, Georgia.

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