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Wednesday, 13 September 2017


There is a small island in Indonesia called Sumbra. On the Eastern Coast of this island, there is an area called the TANJUNG UNDU, which in English (paraphrased) means, "THE LAND OF THE UNDO PEOPLE." Due to an atmospheric anomaly, and the way the rotation of the earth affeects that part of the world, the people of this region have been gifted with a GENETIC UNDO FUNCTION that allows them to quickly and easily take back the last thing they have said without knowing that it was ever said: A husband speaks harshly to his wife; no harm done, hjust use the Undo Function. Two neighbours gossip about what the pastor's wife was wearing on sunday; no sin committed; just use the Undo Function. A word is spoken in anger between two life-long friends; no relationship broken, just use the Undo Function. I wish i were living in this part of the world. Perhaps, Truth is, people will offend you from time to time! While there is a place called "Tanjung Undu" on the East Coast of Sumbra, in reality, the people who live there struggle with the problems their world create, just as we do. And as nice as it might be to have an Undo Function to correct the things we have said and done, odds are likely that scientists will develop this in our life time.

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