Thursday, 28 September 2017

"ASHA OLU NNOBI" 2017 Festival Kickstarts Today In Anambra state

In the pristine town of Nnobi in Anambra, the "Asha Olu Nnobi" festival rolled up.
An informant explained that the festival started at about 7a.m, with masquerades holding whips, ready to flog madness out of any defaulter. LOL.
You must be wondering what the festival is all about dear reader, but here it comes.
Our informant says it's about the new yam festival. The biggest part is that the King gets to parade the town with his entourage. It's fun, but more dangerous.
The festival ends on Saturday.
Source: Amara Chinaza, Informant. (Anambra)
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