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Possible Jamb 2016 Chemistry Questions and Answers

Are you writing chemistry in Jamb 2016?
Here's an update for you. The questions, Possible ones and the options to follow. If you can solve them, that's Good but don't forget to share the answers with the comment.

If you can't solve anyone, ask for help and someone will help you solve it!
JAMB 2016 chemistry questions and answers
1. In a chemical reaction, the change in the concentration of a reactant with time is
a. rate of reaction
b. order of reaction
c. enthalpy of reaction
d. entropy reaction
2. 200cm3 of a gas at 250oC exerts a pressure of 700 mmHg. Calculate its pressure if its volume increases to 350cm3 at 75oC.
a. 467.11 mmHg
b. 400.00 mmHg
c. 1430.54 mmHg
d. 342.53 mmHg
3. Ethyne is passed through a hot tube containing organo-nickel catalyst to produce
a. ethanol
b. benzene
c. polythene
d. isoprene
4. Beryllium and aluminium have similar properties because they
a. belong to the same period
b. are positioned diagonally to each other
c. belong to the same group
d. are both metals
5. The Mathematical expression of Ph is
a. log10 H3O+
b. log10 1/0H-
c. log10 1/H3O+
d. log10 0H-
6. On exposure to the atmosphere, a hydrated salt loses its water of crystallization to become anhydrous. This phenomenom is reffered to as:
a. hygroscopy
b. hydrolysis
c. deliquescence
d. efflorescence
7. The nitrogen obtained from air has a density higher than the one from nitrogen-containing compounds because the one from air is contaminated with?
a. rare gas
b. carbon [iv] oxide
c. oxygen
d. water vapour
8. Zn[s] + CUSO4[aq] --------> ZnSO4[aq] + Cu[s]
a. +1 to +2
b. +1 to + ±3
c. 0 to +2
d. 0 to + 4
9. The process of converting starch to ethanol is
a. cracking
b. fermentation
c. oxidation
d. distillation
10. In the electrolytic extraction of calcium chloride, the cathode is
a. zinc
b. platinum
c. iron
d. graphite
11. Due to the unstable nature of ethyne, it is stored by dissolving
a. ethane-1,2-diol
b. ethanoic acid
c. propanone
d. propanol
12. Which subject are you doing?
a. C.R.S
b. Physics
c. English
d. Chemistry
13. The petroleum fraction that is used in heating furnaces in industries is
a. diesel oil
b. kerosene
c. lubricating oil
d. gasoline
14. In the extraction of sodium from fused sodium chloride, the anode is made of platinum because?
a. sodium is formed at the anode
b. sodium does not react with platinum
c. chlorine does not react with platinum
d. chlorine is formed at the anode.
15. A Mixture is different from a compound base because?
a. The properties of a compound are those of its individual constituents while those of a mixture differ from its constituents
b. the constituents of a compound are chemically bound together while those of a mixture are not.
c. a mixture can be represented by a chemical formula while a compound cannot
d. a mixture is always homogenous while a compound is not
16. The basicity of CH3COOH is
a. 4
b. 2
c. 3
d. 1
17. The color of litmus in a neutral medium is
a. purple
b. yellow
c. orange
d. pink
18. How Many protons, neutrons and electrons repectively are present in the element Co?
a. 27, 33 and 33
b. 27, 33 and 27
c. 60, 33 and 60
d. 33, 27 and 27
19. How many faraday of electricity is required to produce 0.25 mole of copper?
a. 1.00F
b. 0.05F
c. 0.50F
d. 0.01F
20. What is the percentage of sulphur in sulphur [iv] oxide?
a. 50%
b. 25%
c. 66%
d. 40%
21. Which of the following salts will turn blue litmus red?
a. Soduim tetrahydroxozincate[ii]
b. sodium trioxocarbonate[iv]
c. zinc chloride hydroxide
d. potassium hydrogentetraoxosulphate[iv]
22. The dispersion of a liquid in a liquid medium will give
a. an emulsion
b. a gel
c. an aerosol
d. a fog
23. Which of the following will liberate hydrogen from dilute tetraoxosulphate[iv] acid?
a. lead
b. copper
c. gold
d. magnesium
24. A gas X diffuses twice as fast as gas Y. If the relative molecular mass of X is 32, Calculate the relative molecular mass of Y.
a. 128
b. 16
c. 64
d. 8
25. Polystrene is widely used as packaging materials for fragile objects during transportation because of its
a. lightness
b. high density
c. high compressibility
d. low density
26. Glycerol or Propane- 1,2,3- triol is obtained from production of soap.
a. propanol
b. glycerol
c. methanol
d. ethanol
27. Flourine does not occur in the state in nature because of its high reactivity
a. it is inert
b. it is a poisonous gas
c. of its high reactivity
d. it belongs to the halogen family
28. The polymer used in making car rear lights is
a. polystyrene
b. Perspex
c. polyacrylonitrile
d. Bakelite
29. A Compound that gives a brick-red colour to a non luminous flame is likely to contain
a. Calcuim ions
b. copper ions
c. aluminium ions
d. sodium ions
30. If the the difference in electronegativity of elements P and Q is 3.0. The bond that will be formed within them is
a. Co-ordinate
b. Metallic
c. Ionic
d. Covalent
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