Saturday, 27 February 2016

(Must Read) 13 Rules on how to Pass WAEC in 2016

Everything has rules,WAEC has its own rules too.There are 13 of them you should adhere to in order to pass your WAEC stresslessly in 2016.
WAEC rules
Here are the rules
The following information would be on the
website so that candidate could read them
completing their entries.

(1) Candidates should note that examination
fees are not refundable.
(2) Candidates are to start their Registration
by emailing their fingerprints.
(3) Entries must be accompanied with good
quality (not “wait and get”) passport size
Entries with unacceptable passport
photographs will be rejected.
(4) Registration pin/code purchased in any
location can be used for uploading entries
(5) Candidates should study carefully, the
information on the website before
(6) Candidates should study the Regulations
and Syllabuses as well as the Timetable for
examination which they can download on the
(7) Candidates who lose their registration
pin/code will purchase another card.
(8) All candidates must go to their
examination halls in mufti and without arms.
No professional
uniform of any kind will be allowed in the
examination halls.
(9) The entire results of candidates who make
more than one entry will be cancelled.
(10) Smoking is not allowed in the
examination hall.
(11) Cellular phones and electronic organizers
are not allowed in the examination halls.
(12) Involvement in examination malpractices
are not allowed in the examination halls.
(13) No request for amendment/correction will
be entertained or any information which
voluntarily gives at the point of registration
after the conduct of the examination.
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