Wednesday, 24 February 2016

JOKE: Buhari responds to Chelsea match

Osinbajo: Mr. President, Mikel scored yesterday Night ?
Buhari: Which Mikel?
Osinbajo: John Mikel Obi of Nigeria
Buhari: What did you drink last night?
Osinbajo: I swear, him score. It was a corner.
Buhari: Osinbade, That means change have catch Mikel and football
Osinbajo: Yes, change has change Mikel
Buhari: Did Chelsea win?
Osinbajo: No, them beat them two one, last minute goal
Buhari: That is corruption, we must fight it
Osinbajo: How?
Buhari: They must replay the match. Call EFCC Chairman for me.
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