Sunday, 3 January 2016

Why you should always Shut down Your Phone before removing the battery

Many people are fond of this atitude, they just pulled out the battery without shutting down your phone.
Lemme tell you some reason this is bad for your phone.
When you turn the phone off correctly, it knows that power will be disconnected shortly. That means all the apps and the operating system get the chance to save whatever needs to be saved and to go through their proper shutdown sequence.
Simply removing the battery will essentially instantly crash every running app as well as the operating system. It's like unplugging your computer while it's running; you can do it, but it's a bad idea.
And another is that While turning off your phone, the operating system ensures that every access to the phone's memory and external memory is properly terminated. If you take out the battery before shutting, you may corrupt the memory which may lead to unexpected behavior. Always turn off your phone before taking out the battery.
Hope you get this, so always tell others to turn off their phone before removing the battery.
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