Monday, 11 January 2016

How To Use Whatsapp Plus Without Getting Ban On Whatsapp

As we all know whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app that is today having billion of user that send and receives messages, images, videos and locations etc. But many of users know about whatsapp plus the app that was developed after whatsapp but it is having some of more features than whatsapp and one of them is the privacy feature which attracts users towards it than whatsapp.

But this app was officially banned on play store by whatsapp and also the user who use this whatsapp plus gets block on whatsapp. So to resolve this issue i am here with the way of How To Use Whatsapp Plus Without Getting Ban On Whatsapp. Yes you can do this with a simple method that i have discussed below. So just follow the below to proceed.
We prefer users to use whatsapp official app, but if you still want to use this whatsapp plus all then we don’t take any responsibility for anything. So have a look on the method that will allow you to use whatsapp plus frequently without getting ban on whatsapp. As usually official whatsapp hangs on user for 24 hours. So have a look on the trick to use whatsapp plus.
1. First of all take backup of all your conversation in Whatsapp.
2. Now uninstall the official whatsapp app from your device.
3. Now download latest version of WhatsAppPlus6.76.apk
4. Now run the app and then fill your credentials like phone number etc and after that you will have option restore option which will restore all the messages.
5. Thats it you are done, now you can easily enjoy whatsapp plus services.
By this you can now access more privacy services that whatsapp plus may provide and you will not get blocked through whatsapp official app. Hope you like the post?
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