Monday, 11 January 2016

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp On Android

In this method you have to simply install a application. OGWhatsApp is a new App which will soon be found in different websites or you can also use this app for your smartphone (ANDROID) mobile devices.

OGWhatsApp will provide you to run 2 numbers continuously at one time. Earlier in whatsApp you can only use one number at one time and you can only use one account of whatsapp at one time. But, now OGWhatsApp is a new App where you can use two numbers of whatsApp at one time.You can also say OGWhatsApp is a updated version of WhatsApp.This is developed by the person named As Osama Ghareeb. This OGWhatsApp gives you many features and these are:
Features Of OGWhatsApp,
You Can change the Icon of the WhatsApp Messenger.
You can use 2 numbers on one device.
You can restore your backup and also save your backup.
How To Run OGWhatsApp,
1.First of all Download the OGWhatsApp app in your android device.
2. Now Create a backup of your WhatApp chats and all other data that saved in yoru Whatsapp folder of your android.
2. Now clear WhatsApp data from the Settings-> Apps -> Whatsapp ->Uninstall your official WhatsApp messenger.
3. Then Rename your WhatsApp folder in your SD card to OGWhatsApp.
4. In OGWhatsApp verify your old number that you want to secondly use in your android and whereas in official version verify your another number.
6. Thats it you are done, now you have two whatsapp in your android device that too with two different numbers that you will be using in a single device.
With this method you will be having two whatsapp accounts in your android device using the cool app OGwhatsapp that will run in parallel with your official whatsapp account. So use this cool method and hope you like this
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