Friday, 15 January 2016

Hilarious! In the Country called 9ja - a Prose

• U collect babe number u use
"chick" store am.
Shey her mama na fowl ?
• U buy suya ur woman chop
the meat finish u con dey smile dey chop the
onion, u be

• U dey wit ur guy & u dey
recieve diff kinds of phone
calls every 5 min, yet u dey
claim say u no dey cheat on ur guy.
My sista, u be MTN customer
care agent?
• U ask a girl for what she
wants, she tells you money
and you are angry. Were you expecting
her to say wisdom &
• U dey carry ur girlfriend go
club, after u marry her finish u
want stop her frm goin to club. My broda u
think say
miracle fit happen?
• Ur gafrnd dumps u for a rich
man u say she b gold digger,
bt ur sister do d same to
anoda guy, u giv testimony for Church
saying na grace
of God. Bros park well
• Your babe get F9 parallel for
WAEC, she still dey ask for
Brazilian Hair of #150.000 .
Abeg Were she wan fix am?, ontop that
coconut head?
• U have 8 tribal marks,
stretch marks scattered all
ova ur body yet u still want a
tattoo...ah! my friend u be zebra?
• U are 6 feet tall, u still com
wear 6 inches high heeled
shoe...she u wan
whisper to God?
• U dey snap inside different type of cars yet
u expect ur
man to believe u are not
cheating. .aunty, u be
• U gather different gals
picture for ur fone & yet u xpect ur gal to
believe u are
not cheatin..
uncle, u be photographer?
• He gave u an engagement
ring for over five years, he
never marry u, my dear u be lord of d rings?
•you they pay your babe
wey dey university school
fees and yet u never write
JAMB, u be scholarship board?
•U are 18yrs and ur sugar daddy is
70yrs old and u stil dey call
him BABY, my sister he
should be ur ANCESTOR.
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