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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Woman set to marry man she snatched from her daughter

A woman is set to marry her daughter’s ex boyfriend in the United Kingdom and the daughter has indicated she will not be attending the wedding.

The woman’s daughter, Danni Summers was just 17 years old when she fell in love with her friend’s 30-year-old uncle, Anthony Key.
According to Danni she liked the way Key treated her like an adult. He took her out to dinner, watch movies etc. But she never expected he would betray her by sleeping with her own mother.
The 44-year-old mother, Marie Summers admitted she had sex with her daughter’s boyfriend after she asked. Anthony had earlier confessed about the deed to Danni, so when she confirmed the truth from her mother, she her off and the rest of the family for one year to go live with her Dad
Danni has since moved on from the heartbreak. She found a good man and they already have a daughter together.
Danni disclosed she reconnected with her mother when she was pregnant, saying “Blood is thicker than water”.
Danni told her mother that she will not be attending the wedding of her mother and her former partner, who will soon be her stepfather.

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