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Monday, 2 November 2015

Weird but no be lie: Man proposes to crippled girlfriend

This lady got engaged this weekend and shared her happy tale on her Instagram page… Lol at the hash tags.

Sooo, this happened yesterday. Almost everyone I know lied to me in order for this proposal to be as beautiful as it was, but I ain’t even mad at them. The joy has been abundant. Thanks to everyone who had anything to do with this proposal! Thanks to those who have congratulated him for being blessed with an amazing lady like me. Ok, jk jk. We’re both completely blessed to have each other. I thank God for everything he has done through us and with us and for us. Special thanks to the bestfriend a girl could ever ask for – she omitted so many truths and endured so much of my wahala and non-compliance. Also thanks to my amazing sister friend and great photographer @toguntona for these pictures. #LeBoo ensured he got great coverage of this lovely moment. #HeKnowsMeSoWell!! #OMG #IAmEngaged!!! #PleaseExpectMorePictures #TheStoryWillComeLater #IAmStillEnjoyingVerballyTellingIt #WhenMyMouthGetsTiredIWillTypeItForAll #EveryTBTandFBFShallFromHenceforthBeAboutThis #TheExtranessWillBeGreat #IAmNowSuddenlyLeftHanded #CantEvenShakePeopleWithMyRightHandAnymore #OKBYE. . .

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