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Friday, 13 November 2015

NFA: Where Are The Ladies? 5 Ways To Know Your Boyfriend Has No Future Ambition

Men always talk of wife material this, wife material that. But they always avoid the issue of husband material.

The rate of irresponsibility among our young men is becoming outrageous! I wonder if some do think of their future before wanting to impregnate a lady and put her in the family way! These set of men are called NFA, No Future Ambition! Ladies, here are ways to identify your boyfriend as an NFA:
1. If your bf is not physically or mentally challenged but he does nothing as an adult and has no intention of doing anything useful, dump him! He’s an NFA!
2. If your bf spends time smoking and drinking with friends during working hours on weekdays, dump him. Na NFA him be! Na marijuana and Gulder you wan take start family abi?
3. He would turn out to be an NFA if he still lives in his parents house and eats their food without any intention of getting his own, yet, he wants you to get pregnant for him, run away. Such men are disgrace! The Bible says “So shall a man leaves his mother and father and clings to his wife…” He probably doesn’t have any useful plan for himself talk less of you cool
4. He pressures you for marriage yet cannot take care of his own self! Marriage is a serious and longtime commitment! It’s not for kids and “Mama thank you guys”!!! A man must be financially stable before discussing marriage with a lady. If you can’t take care of yourself, na who wan take care of? Me abi na your mama?
5. He is an NFA if he spends as he gets! If your bf cannot control his spending habits, he is probably an NFA wink You dey form Dangote for your cabin biscuit salary, dey buy beer for everybody you see for bar! When will you get your life organized and behave like a responsible adult? There’s no reward or certificate for a social misfit!!! We are humans and we appreciate material stuffs but I like guys who work very hard to be successful not the ones who work to maintain the type of false life they have decided to live.
No human is perfect, so before you observe the wife material in a lady, first observe the husband material in yourself and see if the material is not too small or have holes made by beetles and cockroaches on it!!!..

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