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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

IN PROGRESS: Week 1: Myschool CBT Challenge Season 2 [WIN BIG!]

So the Myschool CBT Classroom Challenge Season 2 began on 16th Nov, 2015 and will last all through the year.
Every week, the winners of our cash prizes will emerge and their bank accounts will be credited once they emerge.

For this week, the Myschool CBT Ranking will automatically calculate and get the top 5 performing students in the early hours (1:00am) on Monday, 23rd Nov, 2015.
Once the winners emerge, they will be confirmed and announced on this thread and their accounts will be credited before the day runs out on Tuesday, 24th Nov, 2015.
Currently, we are seeing some very interesting competition and we're urging students to continue doing their best.
Remember, the more you write, the Higher your Myschool Points and the greater your chances of winner our cash prizes.
It is totally free to participate, so if you would like to join other students and compete with them, click here now

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