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Sunday, 25 October 2015

No be only you jare: Men romance my sexy pictures on Facebook – Nollywood actress, Chioma Toplis

Nollywood actress, Chioma Elizabeth Toplis, has blasted some men who she says could go extra miles to want to be with her after displaying her sexy photos on the social media.

The mother of three also opened up on why she shares raunchy photos on Facebook and why her husband can never leave her.
In an interview with Dailysun, the busty actress, who recently relocated to London following her marriage, had this to say:
“I post my sexy pictures anytime I feel like.
“In the UK, I am registered with agencies that do plus sized lingerie, so I have been publishing to be one of their models. I won’t give up; who knows, someday my dreams will come true.
“People should know that my husband and other family members support whatever I am doing with my body.
“Whenever I am going for my shoot, my hubby is always there to supervise, so people should let me be,” Chioma stressed.
When asked how she handles critics, she said, “Funny enough, I respond harshly to critics that insult me for doing what I love doing. My husband doesn’t, my kids too, so why must one stranger control me?
“I’m old enough to know what I am doing. The Bible says in…(I can’t even remember the part of the Bible), but I know God said all that matters is our hearts and not what we wear outside.
“If you look at my photo and it is turning you on, you can scroll down, pass or better still, delete yourself off my Facebook wall.”
The actress alleged that some men go as far as romancing and ‘wanking’ on her pictures via the media.
According to her, “Some men will be there romancing my pictures on Facebook. They even wank on my pictures.”

She heaved a sigh and continued, “But when I post something educational or inspirational, they won’t even read or comment.

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