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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Joke: Who do you think has the best answer?

Four men – Mark, Bismark, George and Akpors were being interviewed for a top job. The President decided to carry out a test, with each candidate being asked the same question and the best answer would get them the job.

The next morning, first up was Mark.
PRESIDENT: “Here’s your question,” said the President “What’s the fastest thing in the world?”
Without hesitation, he replied
MARK: “A thought,because it takes no time at all.”
PRESIDENT: “Very good answer,”
Next up was George,
PRESIDENT: “What’s the fastest thing in the world?”
GEORGE: “A blink,” replied George “because you don’t think about a blink. It’s a reflex.”
PRESIDENT: “Good answer.”
Next was Bismark,
PRESIDENT: “What’s the fastest thing in the world?”
Bismark thought for a moment,
BISMARK: “Electricity, because you can flip a switch and 20 miles away a light will go on immediately.”
PRESIDENT: “That’s a great answer,”
Finally, it was Akpors’ turn.
PRESIDENT: “What’s the fastest thing in the world?”.
Scratching his head Akpors replied:
AKPORS: “Running Stomach, because last night after eating, I was lying on my bed when I got these stomach pains and before I could think, blink or turn on the light, IT DROPPED.

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