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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Joke: When you are so high you don’t even realise what you are doing

One Of The Reasons To Ban Igbo (Marijuana) Smoking

One man got high on Igbo and was searching for his phone with the torch light from the same phone he was looking for. He was so worried in the search and was about to break down in tears. His friend who was also high on igbo joined in the search.

After two hours of searching, the phone which was in his hand rang.
He answered the call, “Please, I will call you back later, I am looking for my phone”. And cut the call in anger and continued searching for the phone he just answered a call from.
He decided to use the same phone to try calling his line and when he got a ‘user busy’ notice, he turned to his friend and said, ”My phone is gone joor. Let’s forget about it. The person that stole it is running to the market to sell it, that is why it just told me user busy”.
His friend nodded in agreement, and they both went to bed.

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