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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Joke: What would you do if you were Akpors?

Akpors and his girlfriend were having a discussion one day, when the girl suddenly had an idea…
GIRL: Baby, if I was drowning in the river with my 9 year old sister (only sister) and you stand a chance of saving just one of us, Who will you save?

Akpors: You of course dear.
GIRL: What! And you’ll just let my only sister die?
Akpors: Okay… I’ll save your baby sister.
GIRL: So you’ll just let me die, after all these years?
Akpors: Calm down baby, but you said if I could save only one person. (he thinks for a while…) Okay, I’ll just dive into the river, drown myself too, and we all die as one.
GIRL: So you’ll just let me and my sister die in the river!
Akpors: (Now angry) That’s enough! What’s all this? Ain’t you concerned about me too? I just said I’m going to die in that river too?

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