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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Apple found guilty of patent infringement, faces possible $862m fine

A U.S. federal jury has found Apple Inc. guilty of infringing on a processor patent held by a foundation linked to the University of Wisconsin, a violation that could result in a fine of more than $862 million, specialized media reported Wednesday.

The U.S. District Court jury in Madison, Wisconsin, ruled in favor of the body that safeguards the intellectual property of the university's researchers, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, which brought suit against Apple in 2014, CNET, a media Web site focused on technology and consumer electronics, reported.
The foundation alleged that Apple's use of processors in several iPad and iPhone models infringed on a 1998 patent held by the University of Wisconsin.
The plaintiffs were seeking up to $862.4 million in damages, but CNET said "the actual amount Apple must pay the university hasn't been set and could be reduced on appeal."
The foundation also sued U.S. multinational chip maker Intel in 2008 over the same patent, a case that was settled out of court the following year for an undisclosed sum.
Apple has been immersed for years in a legal dispute with South Korean rival Samsung over patents.
A U.S. federal appeals court recently found that Samsung had infringed on several Apple-held patents for features of its iPhone but also ruled it had not diluted the "trade dress," or the overall look and feel, of that flagship device, a decision that reduced a damages award from just under $1 billion to around $547 million.

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