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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Police Arrest Two Sisters Who Kidnapped Three Kids from Air Force Base

The Iddo Police Division, Railway Terminus, of the Lagos State Police Command, have arrested two sisters, one Eno and her teenage sister, who had allegedly kidnapped three kids from an Air Force base.
Although the location of the Air Force base was yet to be identified, the eldest of the kids who was identified as Happiness Effiong, said they were abducted from an Airforce base.

The four-year-old repeatedly debunked claims by the elder of the suspects, Eno, that she was their mother. Rather, she said her parents lived in an Air Force base.
THISDAY gathered that the suspects had roused the suspicion of other passengers in a Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) when they could not appease the cries of the youngest of the kids.
Aged about four-months-old, the infant had cried furiously without bating, prompting the other passengers to intervene.
Although she was asked to at least breastfeed or cajole the baby, she refused, thus arousing the suspicion of the passengers.
The passengers then proceeded to ask the eldest, Happiness of her relationship with the suspect, and she said they were taken away from their home.
Immediately they got to the bus stop at Iddo, the passengers notified the police, who after some preliminary questions, arrested her and her teenage sister.

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