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Thursday, 10 September 2015

OMG! Really? Saudi man divorces wife for dancing in front of TV set

A Saudi woman said that her husband had divorced her after he “caught” her dancing in front of a television set.
The woman explained that she was an avid fan of music, but as her husband said he refused to have any form of melodies in the house, she was forced to watch song broadcasting channels clandestinely when he was out.

“He was interested only in television channels that broadcast religious programmes or local social events,” she said. “I had the chance to watch my favourite channels only when he was out of the house and without his knowledge,” Saudi news site Al Marsad reported.
However, one day, the husband came home early and saw his wife dancing while watching a music channel.
He immediately took the decision to divorce his wife despite all her pleas to forgive her.
She said that he regarded the issue as “marital cheating” that cannot be forgiven and that he was furious that she failed to remain committed to the instructions not to have music in the house.
Commenters expressed shock over the husband’s behavior, describing it as “singularly odd and particularly strange.”
Some comments congratulated the woman on the opportunity to “be out of the life of a man who failed to appreciate the meaning of marriage and to show respect to his wife.”
The few who sided with the husband defended his decision as a reaction to breaching the accord the couple had when they got married, saying that she was aware of what was expected from her.

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