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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Midnite Thought: When a ‘disappointment ’ becomes a blessing!

A Boko haram member was sent to destroy Aba city by bombing. The guy dropped at MCC junction, walked down MCC road, he got confused and returned back to the junction.
He then entered a KEKE NAPEP that passed ABIAPOLY and noticed as the road was patched with ‘cement’, he got confused again and dropped at BATA.

He entered another KEKE NAPEP that took him to Ogbor hill where he dropped at Ukaegbu junction towards GALLERY HOTEL, he walked down the road and got confused again, he once again took another KEKE NAPEP to Port Harcourt road.
Along the road, he became as confused as never before. He picked up his phone and called Abubakar Shekau who was shocked that the suicide bomber was still alive and demanded to know why he has not bombed a place.
The Boko haram man that was sent to bomb Aba said to his oga:
BOKO HARAM MAN: “Oga from the way I dey see this city, e be like say we don bomb this place before oo”.
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