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Home remedies to treat pimple rashes

Pimples over your face are alarming as this can give rise to pain, inflammation and other related issues. There was a time when the concept of pimples got restricted on only adults. But today even this pimple gets affected on people with any age group.

Even after curing of pimples over your skin completely there are marks and rashes for a long time. Treating those stubborn marks will be really difficult. Not only face, pimples also affects individuals over the necks, shoulders and backs. Pimples might not be a very dangerous skin condition but it is nevertheless very miserable for an individual suffering from the same. It is possible to apply lotions as well as creams available in the market to cur pimples. But, they might not be either suitable or would take long time to show results. You can now try out some home remedies to remove pimples from skin completely.
Getting pimples over your face is really very irritating. Today, not only ladies are conscious about marks and spots in their face. Rather, the male personalities also have issues with the same. Putting cosmetics products over the skin is also really dangerous as it can damage your skin and even get your skin burnt with excess use. There are some homemade remedies which will be very helpful in removing pimple acne rash. The natural ingredients used for removal of pimple acne rash will be wonderful. You can now easily apply those natural ingredients as maximum of them are present at your home.

Best tips to remove pimple acne rash:


Many people may not be aware of the fact, but toothpaste present at your home can also treat your acne well. Take some tooth paste in your finger and apply this on your face where acne is affected. Sleep during the night and wash it away in the morning. Doing this once in your lifetime may not work. You must do this frequently and experience the difference.


You must have water at home; you can easily boil it and get steam out of it. You can get steamers bowls in the market or else get a medium size bowl to take steam on your face and skin. Since this can open the pores of your skin, it removes dirt and bacteria from your skin as well. All types of infections that is caused due to inflammation can be eradicated with the help of this steam treatment for pimples.


Even if you have nothing at home to treat the pimples over your skin, ice from the refrigerator can also work well. Since the pimples bring redness and inflammation, ice will provide quick relief from redness and inflammation. Even you cannot feel the pain for a long time as ice will create a numbness in the portion where you have applied. Since it works well in improving your blood circulation, your skin will very quickly get back to its own form with freshness and natural glow. By applying ice cubes over your skin, you can also get it tighten with the removal of oil and dirt completely.

Ripe Tomatoes

Cut the tomato into two slices. Take out the pulp from the tomato and apply it on the acne affected area. Now, leave this for an hour and then wash it away with water. Continue this process twice in a week to get the get smooth and plain skin.


You must have lemons in your vegetable basket as it is very useful to make a refreshing juice during summer season. Now, it is very fascinating to learn that those small balls of lemon can work like a wonder in treating pimples and acne over your skin. Since lemon is rich in Vitamin C, it will be really effective to dry the pimples faster in a natural way. But, if you are getting lemon juice from the market, those have preservatives and are not recommendable for applying it over face. Once the fresh juice of lemon extracted from the lemon ball will be effective. You squeeze some lemon juice in a small container and dip a cotton ball in it. Now apply it over your face where there are pimples, acne as well as rashes. If you have sensitive skin add a pinch of cinnamon powder in lemon juice and apply it over your face. Keep it for a night and then wash it away with luke warm water.


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