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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Documentary maker captures pictures of python killing and eating an antelope

A DUTCH filmmaker working on filming a documentary on African wild dogs has managed to capture something even more impressive on camera.

Matto Barfuss had been trekking in Botswana when he noticed an unsuspecting antelope fall victim to a large python looking for a feast.
The 44-year-old said he had been filming when he noticed a python had latched onto the hind legs of an antelope in the high grass by Botswana’s Kwando River.
“I immediately stopped filming and rushed to the spot. By that point, the body of the steenbok was already surrounded by the snake and she had started to constrict her prey,” he said.
“It was quite thrilling, how long the steenbok could still breathe before it passed away and its tongue rolled out.”
Mr Barfuss said the battle to kill its prey had worn the snake out and it was forced to retreat before returning to indulge on its dinner.
“The snake was too exhausted and disappeared for a while. After more than 24 hours, the python came back out and gave it another go,” he said.
“It took almost four hours to get the whole carrion in the body.
“It was amazing to see the hard work and it looked very painful.”

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