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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

JABJoke: Na wa for women and copy copy oo

When a man is called EMMANUEL
Woman say her own na EMMANUELA…
My grandpapa dey answer VICTOR.
My grandmama come say her own na VICTORIA.
If man answer CELESTINE, woman say her name na CELESTINA

Man answer JUSTIN, woman Say her name na JUSTINA..
Man answer CHRISTIAN, woman go kuku answer CHRISTIANA
Man say him be AUGUSTINE, woman must answer AUGUSTINA.
Man carry GABRIEL, woman go follow carry GABRIELLA. Nawa o!
Man answer JOSEPH, woman say her own na JOSEPHINE
My guy dey answer JESSY, his girlfriend come say her own na JESSICA.
Man is called DANIEL, woman will be called DANIELLA.
Man is Called VALENTINE woman say na VALENTINA.
So if man come answer EBO na, wetin woman go copy answer??

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