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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Oro Festival Begins Ooni of Ife's Traditional Burial Rites

The ancient town of Ife according to VANGUARD has kick started traditional rites for the burial of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade.
It is believed that the traditional rites have begun with imposition of Oro festival which will last for seven days.
During this festival period which is from dusk to dawn, all females are not allowed to come out in the town untill the festival is over.

It is believed that the Oro Festival is already on in the town, the development many people termed as a prelude to the formal announcement of Ooni’s death.
A palace official however dismissed this claim, saying there are certain rites that must have been performed, before the ongoing Oro Festival, before the news will be broken.
The official specifically added that one of the conditions will be to shut down all markets in Ile Ife to public, symbolic jingling of royal gong across town and appearance of dreaded “Isogun”, a chief that only makes appearance at Ile Oodua at the demise of Ooni.
It was also learnt that a particular door at the backyard of Ooni’s palace that had been permanently closed since December1980, when Ooni Sijuade ascended the throne, would be opened to indicate that the throne is vacant.
“Until all these conditions manifest, it cannot be concluded that Ooni has joined his ancestors. I live here in the palace and we believe baba (Ooni) is still alive in the United Kingdom," the official said.

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